This will be the last day inside the Big Brother 15 house for one of the cast and they wake up knowing it. Everything they have tried to do to save themselves has failed. With the rest of the HouseGuests all on board with the eviction plan tonight and not about to change their minds, there is nothing left to do but wait. As a result, Thursday morning and afternoon on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds were pretty sedate but we did dig out a few fun moments and tiny game talk tidbits.

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Mostly though, it was a day for the HouseGuests to rest and get ready for a major Head of Household Competition tonight that could determine who will end up in the final four this season. If McCrae or Amanda win the HoH, they could potentially both end up pushing their way though yet another week together. If anyone else wins it, it might spell the end at last to the McCranda showmance.

Keep reading below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below for the latest from the Live Feeds before the live eviction tonight and find out who is probably going to be evicted this evening!

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10:10 AM BBT: The HouseGuests begin to stir out of bed with everyone anticipating a smooth and easy eviction tonight followed by a crazed battle for the next House of Household win. We’re thinking GinaMarie is probably hoping this is NOT going to be a physical competition because her back is still a mess from dragging Judd around by the pool the day before.

GM goes off to the bathroom and a few minutes later, Aaryn says she heard someone throwing up in there. GM comes out and Aaryn asks if she is okay. GM says she is. (GM’s alleged eating disorder is a frequent topic of conversation for the HouseGuests, including Aaryn. GM has talked about having an eating disorder. But this could have just been from the pain or the meds she is taking.)

10:30 AM BBT: Elissa coaches Aaryn about what to say in her interviews after she is evicted. She tells Aaryn to say that Amanda influenced her to say bad things and tell people that she doesn’t usually hang out with people like that. She says Aaryn should say that she felt like she was manipulated by Amanda. Aaryn is like, yeah, yeah, mmmhmmmm. Aaryn is pissed that she put her trust in Amanda.

10:55 AM BBT: Elissa goes to the HoH room and tells Andy about the conversation with Aaryn. She says she told Aaryn to tell everyone in Jury what Amanda has been up to and to put blame on Amanda for all the bad stuff.

8-29-2013 05-46-23 PM11:25 AM BBT: Elissa uses the HoH room for her yoga session today She makes us want to do yoga. Even though we hate yoga. Because that girl has a SICK body.

11:30 AM BBT: The HouseGuests are chased up to the HoH room for lockdown so production can prep the house for tonight’s show.

1:00 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Amanda that there should be a most hated award for HouseGuests in addition to the America’s Favorite award. Aaryn tells Amanda she would get most hated. Amanda wants to know why she thinks people hate her. Andy says there are probably people that hate her and people who love her.

1:10 PM BBT: Aaryn is worried about what Julie Chen will ask her in her exit interview about her making out with Judd. We think it is going to be a lot scarier when she asks you about all those racist remarks.

Elissa, one of the people on the ‘hate’ side of the fence, is busy wondering why production put another camera in the Diary Room. She thinks there must be a special reason. Amanda says her favorite part of last night was Judd and Aaryn making out. Judd says he’s amazed no one made fun of them. Elissa comes asks if Aaryn really sucked face with Judd. Aaryn says no. Amanda calls BS and says yes she did. Andy said he even heard them lip smacking in the other bedroom.

Meanwhile, Aaryn sings “f**k mom I’ve been evicted” to herself. Andy says something about his eviction nominee speech being about the emancipation proclamation. Aaryn asks what that is. Andy says she wouldn’t like it, it was the speech Abraham Lincoln gave about freeing the slaves.

1:35 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Judd what Andy is going to do with his speech and he says OMG.

1:45 PM BBT: Andy says if something happens and he gets blindside evicted, he won’t say goodbye or hug anyone because he will need to get his stuff. (He did pack, just in case, but didn’t put his stuff in an easy to grab spot.)

8-29-2013 05-43-01 PM2:00 PM BBT: Judd and Aaryn cuddle some more in bed. Aaryn confronts Andy about using a speech about freeing slaves when he is up on the block against her. Andy says it isn’t what she thinks it is and he didn’t even think about that. He says she will see when he says his speech. Aaryn says she wishes he wouldn’t use anything like that while they are on the block together. Andy tells her not to stress about it. They separate.

Aaryn tells Judd that she will not vote for Amanda if she makes the final two. She hates Amanda that much. She also warns Judd not to trust Andy.

3:15 PM BBT: The Live Feeds switch to trivia for the live eviction show, which we’ll be recapping for you right here at shortly!

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