Big Brother 15’s Amanda Zuckerman Launches Fashion Store

If you watched the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds for any length of time, you’ll remember that HouseGuest Amanda Zuckerman spent a large portion of her time wandering around in practically nothing. Amanda in her bikini. Amanda in her underwear. Amanda topless. Amanda bottomless. Etc. So it might come as a surprise that McCrae Olson’s showmance lover has decided to launch her own fashion blog and store.

Amanda Zuckerman The Royal Mafia

“I’ve always been very unique with my taste in fashion,” Amanda told our friends over at Big Brother Network. We will certainly confirm that statement to be true based on what we saw of Amanda on the BB15 Live Feeds, but we don’t know if it’s something she maybe ought to be bragging about.

Honestly, in scrolling through Amanda’s Instagram account, we mostly see her posing in saggy black, white or gray outfits with a headband of some sort in 8 out of 10 photos. When she wasn’t mostly naked on the show, Amanda was generally found parading around in pretty much the same kind of stuff. We’re not sure exactly what kind of style that is, but she seems to think it qualifies her to run a fashion blog and sell clothes online.

“I’ve always wanted to be involved in fashion,” Amanda told BBN. “My father owned a dress line called ‘Amanda Joy’ and I grew up around it. With my father’s knowledge, the support of my family and friends, and especially the fans, I’ve decided now is the perfect time to launch a site that expresses my style.” Read the rest of Amanda’s interview about her new blog and store here.

Check out the photo gallery below for a peek at the kinds of products Amanda will be promoting on her site. We do admit, some of the headbands (or as she calls them, crowns) are kind of cute. (Click the thumbnails for bigger pics and to scroll through.)

Amanda’s fashion blog and store is located at and will be promoting both products she enjoys from local manufacturers and her own creations, such as an upcoming organic vegan makeup line. Oh, and it isn’t ALL about Amanda either. Although pretty much all the photos on the site right now are Amanda in various stages of being wet — we aren’t kidding. McCrae will reportedly be adding his own “flare” to the site as well as it grows.

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