Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Battle of the Block (Week 2)

The Big Brother spoilers are in for the Battle of the Block in week two! We were wowed by all the craziness around the late night nominations following Thursday’s eviction. Now, after the Battle of the Block results, we are think we’re about to get another totally crazy week inside the Big Brother 17 house!

Big Brother 17 Battle of the Block Week 2
Audrey calls everyone for the Battle of the Block (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

After the unsurprising eviction of Jace Agolli on Thursday night, the two new Heads of Household were rapidly tasked with choosing the next nominees for eviction. Because of the holiday weekend, CBS Big Brother apparently decided to put all the game stuff on speed race so the staffers and cast could enjoy a little downtown on July 4.

As the new Heads of Household this week, Becky and Shelli had to each pick two people to go up on the block. Often we see the dual HoHs working together, but there was one big obstacle to that happening this time around: Audrey.

Becky has it out for Audrey because she thinks Audrey has been spreading rumors she is a racist. Audrey heard (or heard about) a remark Becky made regarding something Aaryn Gries said during her season that was considered racist. She was worried that anything you could say could be taken out of context and make you look bad. Audrey then used this bit of conversation to accuse Becky of saying racist comments. Becky wants Audrey out.

Shelli, on the other hand, has been close with Audrey since the beginning. Although her relationship with Audrey has crumbled this past week due to all of Audrey’s manipulations, there is still something there. Shelli doesn’t need to get Audrey out because Audrey isn’t a threat to her and Clay right now. Instead, Shelli believes that Da’Vonne has it out for her and Clay. So she wants Da’Vonne out.

Becky wants to backdoor Audrey, so she put up Jason and Steve as pawns. Shelli, on the other hand, went straight for the throat and put up Da’Vonne and John. No one cares about evicting John, so Da’Vonne is the big target there.

The Battle of the Block took place in the wee hours of the morning, apparently hosted by Audrey. We don’t know what happened exactly because the Live Feeds were blacked out. When they came back on, we learned that Steve and Jason won the Battle of the Block and Becky was dethroned as HoH. So that leaves Shelli in power as the final Head of Household of the week and her nominees, Da’Vonne and John, stay on the block.

Next up will be the Power of Veto Competition, and Da’Vonne is going to want to win this! She’s a powerful personality, a potentially dangerous competitor, and she’s already been in fights with several Houseguests. If she stays up on the block against John — who everyone thinks they could probably manipulate — she’s very likely to go home.

Things are going to be interesting, so make sure you catch us on Twitter for the latest Live Feeds updates!

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