Big Brother 20 Episode 16 Recap: Will Queen Bay’s Target Stay?

Queen Bay’s (Bayleigh Dayton) reign as Head of Household in the Big Brother 20 house has almost come to an end…thankfully.  Unfortunately for her, this week in power has pretty much been a train wreck in the Big Brother world as far as rating Queen Bay’s ability to shine in the spotlight.  She has been a tyrant to everyone, including her own alliance and allies.  Most importantly, she gave up game-changing and very pertinent information to one of her own block nominees and members of the opposing alliance in the house.  Oh Bay, what have you done?

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton

Tonight’s episode will feature the Power of Veto competition where block nominees Brett Robinson and Rachel Swindler will have the opportunity to take themselves off the block for eviction.  The Big Brother house is still heavily divided right down the middle and each and every vote will certainly count.  Bayleigh’s target has clearly been set this week as Brett, but with the way the HOH has spilled the beans, so-to-speak, will her plan still come to fruition?

Deals and Dealings

At some point, Bayleigh decided it was a good idea to tell Rachel about her Power App, Identity Theft, and all of the details surrounding the reward.  Now that Rachel has this extremely important nugget, will she share this info with her own alliance changing game plans for the houseguests “in the know”?

Fayshal Shafaat makes sure to let JC Moundiux know that he is responsible for saving him from being on the block this week.  JC isn’t buying it as he feels this is the first move Fessy has made in the Big Brother game.  Fessy, on the other hand, wants some gratitude from his close ally in the house.

All hail the Queen again…Queen Bay is back in the house.  This time she decides to attack Fessy for not having her back or putting her in the best spot in the house.  If Bayleigh keeps up with this attitude, she will be quickly made the target once her safety is gone and she is no longer the HOH.

Next on the chopping block is Rachel.  Queen Bay accuses her of blocking her into a corner because Rachel reminds Bay that Brett, her counterpart on the block, is also an ally of hers.  Bay is quick to snip that just because Brett is good for Rachel’s game doesn’t mean he is good for anyone else’s game.

Week 5 Power of Veto Competition

Time to pick the competitors for this week’s POV competition.  Bayleigh, Rachel and Brett automatically get the nod to play.  In addition, Sam Bledsoe, JC, and Tyler Crispen will also join in the comp.

This week’s POV competition is called Goober Driver.  The houseguests need to complete a puzzle putting together a roadway through town so that the evicted houseguests can be driven to a party.  The houseguest to deliver all 4 evicted houseguests in the shortest time in the Goober car on the the puzzle roadway will win the golden POV.

Big Brother 20 Goober Driver

For starter’s, Sam timed out at 30 minutes in to the competition and failed to complete the puzzle.  Rachel is the next to timeout of the competition and is very frustrated with herself.  The final results are as follows:

Rachel 30 minutes
Bayleigh 14 mins 24 secs
Brett 10 mins 59 secs
JC 30 mins
Sam 30 mins
Tyler 6 mins and 54 secs

Tyler WINS the golden POV by a landslide!  During their private conversation in the HOH room after the POV competition, Tyler tricks Bayleigh into telling him that Angela Rummans would be the replacement nominee if someone comes off the block.  Tyler then concocts a story about Scottie Salton being his newest BFF and soulmate in the Big Brother house.  Tyler did this to divert Bayleigh from being upset with him and his alliance, if in fact, he decided to use the POV to save one of his alliance members from the block.

Now Tyler must decide if he will save one of his alliance members or if he will keep his word to Bayleigh and keep noms the same.  Decisions, decisions, Big Brother decisions.

To add a little drama to the house, Bay told Rachel that Tyler wanted Angela, from his own alliance, to be a replacement nominee if the POV is used.  Meanwhile, Tyler never made this suggestion to Bay, it was Bay’s idea all along.  Word finally gets back to Tyler about this rumor via Kaycee Clark, another member of his alliance Level 6.  Now Tyler thinks Rachel is out for his game and wonders if he should use the POV to save Brett.  Gotta love some Big Brother drama in the house.

Rachel is livid at Tyler and thinks he can no longer be trusted.  Rachel decides to tell Angela about Bayleigh’s Power App, Identity Theft.  Word travels fast and in no time most of the Big Brother house now knows Bayleigh’s secret power reward.  Almost makes you wish Swaggy C was still in the house to snap some sense into Bayleigh, but not that much.

Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony

Tyler decided NOT to use the Power of Veto and honor his word to Bayleigh.  This is mostly because of the threat looming with Bayleigh’s power that could be used next week against him.  Either Brett or Rachel will be evicted from the Big Brother house this week.  Level 6 will lose yet another member and will become Level 4.  Stay tuned.

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson and Rachel Swindler

Join us again tomorrow at 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST for the next Big Brother 20 live eviction.

Big Brother 20

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