Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Nomination Results For Week 1!

The Big Brother Canada 2 premiere kicked off on Wednesday night and we are trucking along at high speed toward the first eviction Thursday evening. After the show ended, the Live Feeds took over and we shortly got the Big Brother Canada spoilers on the week 1 nominations.


Following a very uncomfortable Head of Household Competition, Paul won out by making a big promise to all the other Houseguests left standing (Adel, Kyle, Neda, Kenny, Jon, and Rachelle) that he wouldn’t nominate any of them for eviction. After some grumbling and further promises, the rest of the Big Brother Canada 2 cast left on the ice blocks stepped down, giving Paul the first HoH of the season.

Big Brother Canada Spoilers WARNING: The rest of this post contains information about the show that has not yet been aired. You have been warned!

On the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds last night, we found out that Paul actually did stick to his word and did not nominate any of the Houseguests he promised to keep safe. Instead, he put up Andrew and either Anick or Ika for eviction. We aren’t quite sure which one it was because the actual nomination ceremony was blacked out.

However, we know that Anick and Ika end up as the final nominees thanks to follow-up spoilers from about the Veto Competition. Turns out that Andrew won the first PoV and removed himself from the block. Either Anick or Ika was the other original nominee and the other person ended up as the replacement nominee by Paul.

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