Big Brother Recap: HOHs, Nominations, and the Battle of the Block! 8/3/14

Big Brother 16 continues tonight on CBS! Thursday, Big Brother host Julie Chen left us hanging on which two Houseguests would rise to become this week’s Heads of Household. Tonight, we learn who they are, whom they’ll nominate, and who will walk off the block after the Battle of the Block.

Big Brother 16 on CBS
Big Brother 16 on CBS

Last week, the house unanimously voted to send Amber out the front door to meet Julie. The Detonators have easily held control of the game since the Bomb Squad’s implosion weeks ago. Tonight, we’ll see whether they can maintain their successful eviction streak.

The remaining Houseguests went into a tiebreaker. Julie asked them how long a past competition took to complete. Nicole and Donny were the closest to the mark and became this week’s two Heads of Household!

Nicole and Donny immediately started talks of working together on their nominations to target mutual threats. Zach volunteered himself to go on the block as one of Nicole’s nominees as some sort of reverse psychology effort. Nicole confides in Derrick that she views Frankie as a huge threat because of his impressive social game and omnipresence in the house.

Caleb approaches Donny to convince him of not putting him on the block. He lies to Donny about the first week’s target and Donny sees right through it. Caleb mentions that he would die to be nominating alongside Victoria. Donny quickly notes that and might use it.

Nicole mentions Frankie as a potential backdoor candidate. Hayden agrees that he’s the puppet master of the house.

After a last ditch effort to save himself from the block, Zach lands himself on the block with Jocasta as Nicole’s nominee. Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria. Zach quickly makes it clear that Nicole is his main target and vows to evict her when he’s Head of Household next.

Both duos promise their partners to work together in the coming Battle of the Block competition to escape the block.

For this week’s Battle of the Block, the duos had to set up a dominos path that lands on the ending buzzer. The catch is that they must include three dominos featuring punishments they must endure upon winning.

While Zach and Jocasta took an early lead, Caleb and Victoria took the win and removed themselves from the block. Donny was dethroned as HOH while Nicole remained. Zach and Jocasta remain on the block.

As part of their punishments from the competition, Caleb and Victoria must eat slop for two weeks, one of them must shave his/her head, and both must be connected to each other via vine for 48 hours.

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