Big Brother Season 2 Marathon on Global Reality Channel

As you may or may not know Global TV is Canada’s Big Brother station. They’ve been behind the show since season 1. And although they don’t have any plans on creating a English-Canadian version of the show (there is already a french version of the show in Quebec) that doesn’t mean they don’t want to invest in reality TV.

Enter Global Reality Channel. Canwest’s latest foray into the digital tv market will begin on July 1st when GRC launches. At the moment the channel is only available on Rogers Digital Cable but more providers are to pick up the network soon.

Big Brother is one of the key shows on this new reality channel and will air the new season with back-to-back episodes Tuesday starting at 8pm. And with the beauty of this all reality channel is that Global can go back into their archives and show old seasons of the show.

July 3rd and July 4th is when Big Brother 2 will air on the channel, back-to-back starting at 6am on July 3rd. What better way to get prepared for Big Brother with a Big Brother Marathon?