Candice Stewart Supports Charity For Rejecting Amanda, GinaMarie

As we covered in a previous post, Big Brother 15 HouseGuests Amanda Zuckerman and GinaMarie Zimmerman were recently rejected as participants in the annual Reality Rally charity event. The two ladies, along with fellow cast-mate Aaryn Gries, took to social media to vent their outrage over being denied entry in the event  because of their behavior on BB15.

Candice Stewart

Fellow HouseGuest Candice Stewart decided to step in and declare her open support of Reality Rally organizer Gillian Larson‘s decision not to include Amanda and GM. Candice was one of the victim’s of racist-tinged remarks by both Amanda and GM during their time on Big Brother 15 that led to them being rejected by Reality Rally.

Some of Amanda’s zingers included calling Candice “Shanequa” and saying she has “greasy-ass, nappy-hair head.” Let’s also not forget how she said Puerto Ricans don’t shower and smell bad, and Candice probably tastes like cocoa butter and watermelon. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg of Amanda’s foul mouth as evidenced on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

GinaMarie spewed plenty of her own racism-tinged remarks, including  a comment about welfare being “n***** insurance,” calling Elisa’s son a “f**king Spanish Puerto Rican little dirt f**cker,” and repeatedly talking about how Candice’s “blackness” is coming out when she was on the block. GM also insulted Candice several times over being adopted, including a slam at her when she was evicted, telling Candice, “At least my mom likes me, not like yours.”

With her message in support of Reality Rally’s decision, Candice sent out a Tweet asking for her post to be forwarded to the cast-mates in question, which makes us wonder if they all have Candice blocked.

— Candice Stewart (@candiestewart) January 22, 2014

In her statement, Candice said Amanda, Aaryn, and GM seem to have forgotten how they behaved on the show and should not be surprised at their rejection from the event. Here’s the full text:

It seems that Aaryn, GM, and Amanda have forgotten the racist remakrs they made to inslurt not only me but an entire “Race” during this past season of BB15. Dearest Dolls—you are not invited to events because of YOUR behavior. I have remained quiet but attacking Helen, Elissa, charities, twitter accounts etc….is unacceptable. People/Organizations are entiled to their opinions just as you guys were when you voiced your racism publicly for the world to see. Proverbs 22:8 Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity and the rod of his fury will fail. In case you forgot what you have sowed I included the footage of your behavior for everyone including you guys to see!”

Candice then linked off to a video of clips from Big Brother 15 titled “The Big Brother 15 Experience: Bullying Candice Edition,” which we’ve shared below..

We still haven’t gotten any response from Amanda, GM or Reality Rally about whether or not the Big Brother 15 cast members were told they could not even donate to the event in question. Amanda and GM have implied on Twitter that they both wanted to donate money to the cause, but were told they could not even do that because Reality Rally did not wish to be associated with them in any way.

We find it hard to believe the organizer would actually turn down cold, hard cash even if they didn’t want Amanda or GM to actually attend. We’re still waiting for clarification from someone involved to tell us if GM and Amanda were, in fact, disallowed from even donating. Or, what seems more likely, just decided they didn’t want to give their money if they weren’t going to be allowed get their faces in front of the fans and the press in exchange.

*UPDATE: We received a response from Reality Rally organizer Gillian Larson, who told us that GM and Amanda were indeed both turned down as participants in the event. However, she stated that her letters to both former HouseGuests never included anything about refusing to allow them to simply donate to the charity, rather than attend the event. Although, in our opinion, both ladies seem to have implied very strongly via social media that they were told they could not even give money to the event. They certainly did not correct fans who railed against Reality Rally for not even wanting to take money from GM or Amanda for their cause.

As for why GM and Amanda were rejected from actually attending the event, Gillian told us: “Our event image is of prime importance to us and our Charity. Decisions that I made and have made since 2010 are never easy to make but I am guided by my code of values which in turn protects our event.” Gillian said she has “refused to add some Stars in the past for this reason and will continue to do so. I will never compromise our image, the image of our charity and the image of our town.”

Check out a full list of reality TV attendees at Reality Rally 2014 here.

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