Big Brother 23 Episode 8 Recap: Week 3 Block Nominees

By: on July 25, 2021 |

During last week’s live eviction,  Frenchie made a quick exit from the Big Brother 23 house. His chaotic reign as Head of Household (HOH) in week one caught up with him. His fellow Joker teammate, Britini D’Angelo was on the block with him and is safe, at least for now.

Big Brother 23 Xavier Prather

The latest HOH was crowned, Xavier Prather, and he is the third HOH of the Big Brother 23 season. The Wildcard competition is in play tonight, and we will find out what reward will be offered to the winning houseguest. Also tonight, Xavier will nominate 2 fellow houseguests to the block for eviction this week. Let’s go!

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 3 Power of Veto Competition Results (07/24/21)

By: on July 24, 2021 |

The Big Brother 23 Power of Veto Competition played out today. Yesterday the week three Big Brother 2021 nominations resulted in Britini D’Angelo and Brent Champagne on the block. Head of Household Xavier Prather nominated Britini as a pawn and Brent as the target. However, Xavier wanted Brent to believe that Britini was the target. This would create a false sense of security going into this week’s Big Brother 23 Power of Veto Competition.

Of course, Brent isn’t that naive. He knew he was the target the moment he went on the block. What Brent doesn’t know is that everyone else knows he’s the target and wants him out this week. His own Big Brother 23 team, The Aces, has been plotting and planning his demise. Brent is really on an island on his own, but it may be a while before he realizes it.

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Week 3 Block Nominations (07/23/21)

By: on July 23, 2021 |

The week three Big Brother 23 nominations took place tonight. Current Head of Household Xavier Prather could have any easy or hard week based on his nominations and the Veto. The Big Brother 23 house wants Brent Champagne or Whitney Williams gone this week. The majority of the Big Brother 2021 house has mentioned evicting one of them this week, but is this the best option for Xavier’s game?

Big Brother Nominations

He could stick with the house and cause little to no waves by nominating Brent and/or Whitney, but neither seem to have him on their radar, at least not as a main target. He also often cuddles with Whitney. To not take one of them out, or at least not to make an attempt could put Xavier in a bad position with the rest of the Big Brother 2021 house.

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Nicole Franzel And Victor Arroyo’s Baby Arrow Arrives!

By: on July 23, 2021 |

Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo have had their baby, Arrow Arroyo.  Baby Arrow is named after his dad, his full official name is Victor Arroyo IV, Arrow will be his nickname. Nicole and Victor have been documenting the arrival of Arrow since announcing their pregnancy back in January 2021. Nicole and Victor planned to wed in 2020 but had to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic.

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo Baby Arrow Arroyo

Image credit @Nicole Franzel’s Instagram

The couple eventually tied the knot in March 2021. Nicole has used her Instagram page to document her pregnancy journey, counting down the weeks, sharing pictures of the nursery, and showcasing her pregnancy belly. In early July, Nicole announced that Arrow would come into this world through a C-section and that it was already scheduled for July, but Victor and Nicole kept the actual date private. 

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers: The Wildcard Competition Week 3 Results

By: on July 23, 2021 |

The Big Brother 23 Wildcard competition has been shaking up the game. In week one, it resulted in Christian Birkenberger gaining safety and eliminating one of Brandon “Frenchie” French’s main targets. The second week of Big Brother 23 saw Sarah Beth Steagall win the Wildcard Competition. Since Kyland Young was the Head of Household that week, Sarah Beth felt comfortable not taking safety. Sarah Beth and Kyland are close allies.

Big Brother 23 Julie Chen Moonves Announcing Wildcard Competition

The major significance of Sarah Beth’s win was that it prevented Frenchie from winning himself safety. Each week, the Wildcard Competition has come with certain perks or punishments. In the first week, safety meant that Christan could also make another member of his Kings team safe. He made Xavier Prather safe. For Sarah Beth, taking safety meant switching teams. This week, who knows what the Big Brother 23 Wildcard Competition could bring.

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