!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13 Week 5 Nominations

The first newbie Head of Household on Big Brother 13 has made her nominations for eviction. Of course, with one of the veteran players whispering constantly in Kalia‘s ear, it’s pretty obvious who is really running the show.

If you want to know who Kalia nominated to go up on the block this week, just click underneath the SPOILER ALERT below!

[spoiler name=”Week 5 Nomination Results”]

With new Head of Household Kalia practically living in Daniele‘s pocket, it really isn’t much of a surprise who she puts up as nominees as eviction. Daniele has wanted Rachel out since the vets burned her little boy toy Dominic. So it was no surprise at all when Kalia nominated Rachel. Pretty much everyone but Porsche couldn’t care less if Rachel goes home at this point.

With the second nominee, however, Kalia and Daniele are playing on more dangerous ground in Big Brother 13. Daniele knows she is on shaky terms with Jeff and Jordan since she pretty much sunk the veterans alliance. She’s also pissed at them for their part in getting Dominic out. She doesn’t trust them and they don’t trust her. And Kalia, of course, is pretty much following Daniele’s lead.

Still, Kalia deciding to nominate Jeff for eviction is perhaps not the smartest idea. You KNOW Jordan is going to go balls to the wall after anyone who threatens her guy. When Kalia tells Jeff and Jordan who she is putting up, they are furious. A big, ugly, fun as hell fight ensues. If you have the Big Brother live feeds, you can use the Flashback feature to run the camera back and watch all the drama at just after 5:00PM, August 5th on Camera 3.

Jordan storms out. Jeff tells Kalia she is now his number one target. He says he’s going to get the veto and come after her hard. There was lots of loud aggressive rude going on. Too much fun! Kalia had no time to reconsider her nominations after the blowout as Big Brother called everyone immediately into the nomination ceremony right after the fight.

Stay tuned for the dish on the Power of Veto Competition results, which should probably happen on Saturday.


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