After the CBS Big Brother 15 eviction show last night, the drama went into hyperdrive inside the house on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds. By the time the HouseGuests finally went to bed, tears and fights had broken out all over the place. One of them degraded into a full-on, nasty, racism-tinged confrontation between Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Candice. Yes, that sh*t is still happening. Another had Jessie the target of a viscous attack from Kaitlin, Jeremy and Aaryn. Find out what happened behind-the-scenes after Thursday’s eviction in our overnight Big Brother spoilers report from the Live Feeds.

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We didn’t think it could get any more crazy last night than watching Nick get blindsided by nearly the Big Brother 15 cast and sent flying out the door. Or tiny little Helen suddenly emerging as a power player in the midst of all the chaos to win Head of Household and put an almost guaranteed lock on getting out one of her enemies this week. But oh yes, it got way more nutso inside the Big Brother 15 house after the CBS prime time show ended.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 2013 spoilers from the Big Brother Live Feeds about alliances, game play and other information that has not yet been aired on the CBS show. Please stop reading now if you do not want these spoilers!


7:05 PM BBT: When the live feeds return, GinaMarie is continuing to hysterically sob and wring her hands over Nick being evicted. She is so distraught, she’s on the verge of hyperventilating. She keeps talking about how he is perfect and she never even got to kiss him. (Which never would have happened anyway.)

7-12-2013 08-33-07 AMShe has a hat and shorts Nick left behind and she rubs them on her face, caresses them with her fingers, and treats them like they are Nick and her’s virgin-born babies. She continues this behavior for hours.

Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie all talk about how they don’t want to be there anymore because it’s all unfair, and everything is rigged for Elissa, and how they should self-evict, etc. etc. We encourage them all to do so immediately.

Meanwhile, the “Rebel Alliance” of Elissa supporters is celebrating their win. New Head of Household Helen is also trying to figure out who lied and voted against Nick instead of Elissa because of the 7 to 4 vote, rather than the 8 to 3 that was expected. (Refresher: It was Howard.)

7:20 PM BBT: Aaryn gets bitchy with Amanda, saying it was a “p**sy move” to vote against Nick. Amanda says well, “one of your alliance members is gone now.” GinaMarie is also out for blood, yelling at Judd about why he would betray them like that. “Why Judd, why!!!” He responds: “Why what?” And Jeremy? He’s already sucking up to the new Head of Household, congratulating her for getting Nick out and winning HoH. He says he knows he is screwed and is not kissing up, just wanted to acknowledge her game play. That’s total crap and Helen knows it.

7:30 PM BBT: Jeremy is now fully aware that the Moving Company alliance has imploded, virtually everyone betrayed him and what that means. He is not looking like a happy guy.

7:40 PM BBT: Spencer and Howard are still deep in cahoots and trying to protect each other. Howard wants to try to place the blame for the rogue vote on Jessie since they think she’s the most likely looking wildcard target besides them.

9:00 PM BBT: Spencer tries out the plan of blaming everything on Jessie with Elissa. He is trying to protect his buddy Howard but Elissa doesn’t buy it. She immediately tells Judd that Spencer is trying to throw Jessie under the bus and that she doesn’t believe Jessie betrayed them.

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9:10 PM BBT: Helen and Candice also don’t believe that Jessie flipped her vote and broke her promise to them. They believe it was either Spencer or Howard that voted against Elissa instead of Nick.

9:20 PM BBT: GinaMarie has totally lost it. She gets into it hardcore with Jessie for attempting to speak to her after Nick was evicted. GM is in full meltdown mode. She tells everyone that she and Nick had something special. She really is delusional about that relationship.

10:10 PM BBT: A huge fight erupts with the Big Brother 15 cast over the sleeping arrangements in the house. No one is a Have Not yet, so everyone wants bed space. They don’t want to crash in those horrid airplane seats when they don’t have to. Aaryn and her cohorts attack Jessie, who is in the bedroom with them. They basically take over the bed Jessie has been sleeping in the whole time. Jessie protests and Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy tell her “good luck” with finding a new place to sleep. Jessie wants to know why they are attacking her when she was just playing the game, it wasn’t personal. She says that at least Elissa has respect for her, since they obviously don’t. Aaryn says she’ll be laughing when Elissa gets her evicted. Jessie says no, she’ll be laughing when Elissa gets Aaryn out. It is an epic fight. Here’s a tasty tidbit:

7-12-2013 08-46-22 AMKaitlin: “I’m so shocked that you lied to my face. Especially sitting out there like a fucking coward at the fucking kitchen table… I ASKED YOU AND YOU STILL LIED TO ME… YOU LIED TO MY FACE…”
Jessie: “Why wouldn’t I? So, I could come in here and get THIS all over again…”

When Judd comes in, Kaitlin screams for him to get the f**k out of the room. Jessie tells him they are ganging up on her and trying to take her and Judd’s bed. Jeremy is quick to beat a retreat, saying that he is not involved. Kaitlin screams at Judd that he lied to her face too. Aaryn says it is like a snake pit in the house and then she slams Jessie again, saying Judd can be like her “5th chance at a showmance” and that he’s her last chance. Judd escorts Jessie out of the room while Aaryn and Kaitlin continue to spit venom.

After Judd and Jessie leave, Aaryn flips over Candice and Howard’s bed and throws everything on the floor while Kaitlin, Jeremy and GinaMarie laugh.

10:40 PM BBT: Helen goes to see her Head of Household room. Everyone goes up to see the room but her opponents in the house leave quickly.

7-12-2013 08-40-23 AM10:45 PM BBT: Kaitlin leaves the HoH reveal and goes running back to her bed and lays on it. Kaitlin comes in and lays across the bed. Jessie says the bed is for her and Judd and asks her to please get up. Kaitlin literally lays across Jessie’s legs. Jessie tells her to go find somewhere else to be. Kaitlin laughs and gets up, calling Jessie immature. GinaMarie tells Kaitlin she can sleep with her. Candice comes in and wants to know what happened to her bed. Jessie doesn’t know. Candice wants Jessie to go get Howard but Jessie won’t leave her bed. Jeremy comes right in and crashes into her bed. Jessie says this is making her very uncomfortable and to please leave her alone. Jeremy says he is not going to sleep on the floor while GM and Kaitlin laugh. She asks him again to please get up and they go back and forth over and over. It is insanely ridiculous.

10:50 PM BBT: Aaryn comes back from the Diary Room and mocks Candice after she says people need to leave her bed alone. She snaps her fingers and sounds like she is trying to mock Candice’s accent, saying “Whatcha gonna do, girl?” Either Kaitlin or GinaMarie (we don’t see), says “the black girl is coming out of you!” Aaryn is like “yeahhhh I willl.” Aaryn taunts Candice and tells her to “Do something. Do it right now!” She continues to mock Candice and make fun of her as Howard comes to the door. GM says Candice doesn’t need Howard to protect her. Candice says GM doesn’t need Nick to be in the house either, why’s he not here? GM gets PISSED and leaps up to get into Candice’s face.

ScreenShot1974GinaMarie and Candice get into it crazy-town at this point. Why? GinaMarie pulls the race card again, talking smack about segregating the blacks and whites. Candice is hugely upset and Howard literally picks her up off the floor and hauls her out of the room.

11:10 PM BBT: Amanda is over Aaryn, GM and Kaitlin. She goes after them and tells them they are all horrible and always talking about people and treating people badly. She tells Aaryn that production has been questioning the HouseGuests about her racist comments. Aaryn thinks Amanda is full of bullshit.

11:20 PM BBT: And we have another fight breaking out with Jessie and Kaitlin briefly. Meanwhile, Howard tries to comfort Candice and prays with her.

11:30 PM BBT: Howard is PISSED about the “Mean Girls” and the racist crap and fighting going on in the house. He tries praying for calm while ignoring a call to the Diary Room as long as possible. Meanwhile, Elissa and Helen are trying to comfort Candice after the blowup with the “Mean Girls” and Aaryn’s endless racist BS.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg of what happened on the Big Brother Live Feeds last night after the eviction. We’ll have more coming up shortly in our morning report from the overnight hours. Meanwhile, you can check out a check out a two-day free trial of the Live Feeds and rewind to watch all the action from last night yourself!

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