When is the Big Brother 18 premiere? Well, if you are like us, you’ll be terribly excited to know that our favorite guilty summer pleasure starts this week! The Big Brother 2016 premiere kicks off on Wednesday with a two-hour episode, followed by a one-hour show on Thursday.

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Big Brother 18 is right around the corner. In fact, less than a week to go! In previous seasons, we have watched many twists and turns unfold. As BB18 prepares to make its debut to our tv screens, should viewers expect the unexpected even more than usual?

Rumors had it that we might have another All-Stars season, but those were laid to rest when the new season 12 Houseguests were revealed. although there were only twelve cast members released. With promises of four “mystery” guests coming during the premiere, we are still pretty sure there will be some veterans this season to fill out the rest of the houseguests.

This, of course, leaves viewers speculating on who will return. Could we have some kind of sibling twist with the veterans, since there are two relatives of former players among the newbies this season? Who exactly will these returning players be, and what will be their role on Big Brother 18?

Big Brother is known for their well-played surprised each season. Four seasons have featured returning players: Big Brother All Stars, Big Brother 11, Big Brother 13 and Big Brother 14. Two seasons have included a twin twist: Big Brother 5 and Big Brother 17. Otherwise, we haven’t encountered siblings on the show before.

Although, many seasons have featured double evictions, battle of the block and many more twists, we already know there are going to be several new things happening this year. In addition to the probable returning vets, the Battle of the Block has been killed off and replaced with some kind of new, so far unknown competition airing on Sunday nights.

Big Brother 18 will return June 22, 2016. Looking for more info about the upcoming season? Check out the links below:

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