A new Head of Household (HOH) has been crowned in the Big Brother 19 house, but has power shifted with the new changing of the guard?  Last week, Paul Abrahamian, totally controlled the Big Brother house by winning HOH and then the Power of Veto (POV) competition.  As a result, he successfully targeted his nemesis Cody Nickson for eviction.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

Alex Ow is this week’s HOH, and her secret alliance with Paul possibly holds many of the earmarks of a successful final two deal in the Big Brother game.  Alex was one of Paul’s pawns used last week to target Cody for eviction.  Although Alex holds the power in the house right now, Paul is quietly helping Alex call the shots.  Will this power duo survive and remain unknown to the rest of the Big Brother house?

Last night’s episode picks up with the beginning of the HOH competition called Space Cadets.  This Big Brother endurance competition is won by the houseguest that can hang on an inclined wall the longest.  The catch is that the houseguests are being pelted with alien slime, pouring rain and treacherous winds.  The houseguests fell from the wall in the following order and elapsed times:

  • Josh Martinez survived 21 minutes
  • Mark Jansen survived 28 minutes
  • Raven Walton survived 47 minutes
  • Ramses Soto survived 61 minutes
  • Kevin Schlehuber survived 63 minutes
  • Matt Clines survived 73 minutes
  • Jessica Graf survived 86 minutes
  • Dominque Cooper survived 87 minutes
  • Jason Dent survived 98 minutes
  • Elena Davies survived 100 minutes
  • Alex Ow survived 100 minutes and won Head of Household

Big Brother 19 Week 3 Head of Household Winner

The last three Big Brother houseguests on the wall, Jason, Elena and Alex, agreed not to nominate each other for eviction this week.  Once Jason knew he would be safe, he fell leaving Alex and Elena to make a final deal.  Once Alex agreed to keep Elena and “her people” safe from eviction this week, Elena agreed to end the competition and allow Alex to claim this HOH Big Brother victory.

Jason approached Alex regarding her choices for block nominees for the week.  Jason tried to convince Alex that Jessica could be used as an ally for their group since she is all alone in the Big Brother house now that Cody has been evicted.  Jason suggested that they bring her into their group and nominate two houseguests from the other side of the house to the block.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow & Jason Dent

However, Jason has no idea that Alex has been secretly working with Paul, and Alex has no need to befriend Jessica as an ally at this time.  Alex cleverly explained to Jason that Jessica would have to be nominated to the block even if she was not the target for eviction this week.  The other side of the Big Brother house would not accept saving Jessica after her collusion with Cody.  Alex became frustrated explaining this to Jason, but she firmly reminded Jason who was HOH this week and who was not.

Paul and Alex have the same intentions inside the Big Brother house.  Paul has a 3-step plan for the week:

  1. Meet with HOH Alex and share with her that Mark and Dominque have a secret alliance.  He explains to Alex that both of them knew that Cody planned to backdoor Paul last week and kept the information to themselves.
  2. Advise Mark and Dominque that he was told by Cody that both of them knew all the details of his plan to backdoor Paul.  He hopes this will incite chaos and confusion inside the Big Brother house.
  3. With confusion and chaos running amuck in the house, paranoia will set in with the houseguests.  This will help to take the focus away from Paul.  He needs this shift away from himself since this is the last week of his guaranteed safety in the Big Brother house.

Paul met with Alex and shared the information about Mark and Dominque.  Paul suggested that they target Dominque first for eviction as she is more of a competitive threat to them in the Big Brother house.  If , by chance, Dominque wins the Power of Veto and takes herself off the block, then Mark will be nominated in her place for eviction.

Dominque approached Alex about her standing in the house this week.  During their conversation, Dominque told Alex that there are certain people on her side of the house that can’t be trusted.  It was very obvious that Dominque was implying that Elena was an “issue” , and she was consequently throwing her own ally under the bus.  This sent a red flag out to Alex about Dominque.

Big Brother Dominque Cooper

At the nomination ceremony, Alex nominated Jessica and Dominque to the block for eviction.  Jessica was not the least bit surprised about her Big Brother nomination.  Dominque felt betrayed by Alex, but Alex was completely clear and explained the red flags thrown up by Dominque.  Elena was a bit confused as to as to why Alex broke their deal, but she is glad that she and Mark are safe for the week.

Alex expressed delight in the Diary Room that she and Paul are secretly working together.  She hopes that they will take out the house one-by-one.  Paul is also happy with his arrangement with Alex.  He feels as though he has planted enough seeds in the Big Brother house that he can just kick back and watch the houseguests blow up their own games.

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