Big Brother 19 eviction night was upon again. Matt Clines and Mark Jansen were the nominees for eviction. Christmas Abbott, the current Big Brother 2017 Head of Household, clearly wanted Mark out of the house. Actually, Paul Abrahamian, the houseguest controlling all of the game in the Big Brother 19 house, made it clear to Christmas that Mark should be evicted.

Big Brother 19 Eviction

Was Mark evicted last night or did a Big Brother miracle arrive to save his game?

The only option Mark had to stay in the Big Brother game, at this point, was to convince the majority of the house to vote out Matt instead of him. In all actuality, Mark only needed four votes to stay in the house. Matt appears to be the next target for eviction based on Paul and a few others thoughts in the Big Brother house. Raven Walton and Matt are the last showmance remaining,  which makes them a very big target.

Paul is playing an incredibly dangerous game right now with making allies out of every single person in the Big Brother house. Paul hopes to go to the end with Josh Martinez and Christmas, because these two houseguests are his best option to win in the end. He can easily beat both of them in an endurance competition. He also believes that if he did lose a comp to either of them, they would most likely pick him to take to the end.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

Paul shared some game strategy during a cam talk session this week; he talked about his ideal final five would be Christmas, Josh, Raven, Kevin Schelhuber and himself. That may be difficult for Paul to pull off because he is also trying to set up the game so that all of the couples start taking each other out.  He would like to sit back and let Matt and Raven take out Jason Dent and Alex Ow, or vice versa.

Paul has had a great game strategy so far, as long as the houseguests don’t start talking to one another. If they do, Paul will be in a world of hurt. Paul has admitted that he neglected thinking through his end game last season, and he will not make that same mistake again this year.

Time for the live eviction:

  • Raven voted to evict Mark
  • Josh voted to evict Mark
  • Kevin voted to evict Mark
  • Jason voted to evict Matt
  • Alex voted to evict Matt
  • Paul voted to evict Mark

By a final vote of 4-2, Mark was evicted from the Big Brother house.  Mark went out with style and grace. During his interview with Julie Chen, he did admit to being a flip flopper.  He also admitted that was the demise of his game, especially aligning himself with Cody Nickson. Mark is excited to be reunited with his showmance partner, Elena Davies.

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen

The next HOH competition began and is called ‘Everyone’s a Weiner.’  Again, Christmas was not medically cleared to participate in this endurance competition. The houseguests are hanging onto hotdog buns the size of a small car, and the rules are simple: Each houseguest must hang on to their hotdog bun for as long as they can because if they fall, they are eliminated from the game.

The last houseguest to hang onto their bun will win the competition and be crowned the new HOH. While the houseguests are hanging on for dear life, they will be sprayed with traditional condiments such as mustard and ketchup. This one went go on for quite some time.

Big Brother 19 HOH Comp

To find out who won this week’s Big Brother 19 head of household, read all about it on Big Brother Access. Join us later today as we reveal the nominations.

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