In the Big Brother 19 house, it’s hard being the person with all the power. In week 1, Cody Nickson controlled the Big Brother 2017 game…for about five minutes. He tried to make a ‘big’ move for the good of his game and his alliance. It ended up leading to his eviction the following week. Cody’s actions and decisions proved that you must approach your Head of Household week with caution.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

Second Head of Household Paul Abrahamian had a much easier week. Everyone was on his side, as he took out Cody. He left the week in a better position than he was in when the week started.  Paul and Cody had almost polar opposite outcomes from their weeks in power. Therefore, we understand the new Head of Household Alex Ow’s indecisiveness and worry.

She doesn’t want to make a bad move and end up like Cody: leaving the house the following week. However, Alex is aware enough to know that playing Big Brother 2017 in a timid manner can only get you so far. Her outsider alliance that consists of Jason Dent, Ramses Soto, and Kevin Schlehuber have been pushing Alex to get rid of one person from the strong Big Brother 19 couples.

However, Alex feels like that will create a wave that leads to her eviction. As of last night, Alex planned to nominate Dominique Cooper and Jessica Graf. She wants to nominate Dominique because she doesn’t trust her, and thinks she’s a much sneakier player than credited, and Jason, Alex’s biggest ally, does not like Dominique as well.

Jessica is Alex’s safe bet nominee. Jessica is on the bottom of the Big Brother 19 house, and she doesn’t trust or like Jessica. Alex sees that her side needs Jessica as a number but Alex can’t quite get over their past rivalry, due to Jessica’s jealousy over Cody and Alex’s friendship.

Alex also has Christmas Abbott on her radar. Originally, she was Alex’s backdoor option if Jessica or Dominique come off the block this week, but after Christmas shared a story about her injury, Alex might not go that direction.

So did Alex stick to her original planned nominees on Big Brother 19?

Major Spoiler Ahead. Proceed with Caution.


Big Brother 19 Alex Ow and Dominique Cooper

Head of Household Alex Ow nominated Jessica Graf and Dominique Cooper for eviction. Stay tuned tomorrow to see if the Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition changes the plan.

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