It was an active Big Brother 19 Friday edition of Live Feeds. The houseguests played for safety, and Alex Ow made her nominations. We had semi-predictable results with the nominees. However, this week’s Big Brother 19 Temptation Competition winner may have surprised the houseguests and audience. The winner also greatly altered this week’s nominees.

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Christmas Abbott

The Big Brother 2017 houseguests pushed forward with their plans, but the alliances and dynamics seem to be slowly changing. And an unexpected Big Brother 19 houseguests may find himself a target way before anyone anticipated.

The Nomination Shake-Up

Big Brother 19 Jason dent and Paul Abrahamian

Following Mark Jansen’s Temptation Competition win, Alex needed to make a new decision about her nominees. Mark’s win combined with Matt Cline losing the competition made her options very limited. Alex kept Elena Davies as one of her nominee plans, but had to decide between one of her allies. Kevin Schlehuber started to question Paul Abrahamian about why he couldn’t go up as a pawn.

He had the votes, and he is a good Big Brother 19 competitor. Paul was quick to dismiss that talk, and made Alex’s nominee choices between Josh Martinez and Jason Dent. Eventually Jason agreed to be her second nominee.

Shifty Kevin

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Paul abrahamian

Kevin’s behavior started to freak out his alliance members. They didn’t trust how he went around talking too much, tried to make an alliance with Cody Nickson, and flirted constantly with Christmas Abbott, despite being married. Alex and Paul even bluntly stated that Kevin would have to go sooner rather than later.

When they talked about their Big Brother 19 finale goals, Alex and Paul mentioned replacing kevin with Christmas as the final member of their final five plan. The new goal was them, Jason, Josh, and Christmas in the finals.

Later, they found Kevin off alone. He talked about missing his family and worries about his marriage. It appeared the diary brought up his family, and that triggered a little regret and loneliness. Most of Kevin’s fellow housemates came to his aid to comfort him.

A Showdown in the Making

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Christmas Abbott

Christmas decided to confront Mark about his relationship with Cody. She basically didn’t want him (or anyone) talking to Cody, especially alone. She accused him of plotting with Cody and trying to form an alliance with him. The battle between Christmas and Mark has been brewing beneath the surface for awhile. Both of them said some harsh game truths.

Despite the fight being about Cody, he decided to stay far out of it as possible. Later, the fight gave Paul and Cody a chance to chat a bit. Paul had a change of heart (genuine or working for jury votes?) where he told houseguests that he no longer thought people should isolate Cody.

However, it was clear that Paul would probably be the only one allowed to talk to him without creating suspicion and getting confronted about it.

Veto Plans

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson

Elena seemed to have an epiphany moment where she realized that she could pick Cody to play in the veto competition. He could win and take her off the block, and win himself safety. This saved both of them and created a new alliance, while forcing Paul to take out a target that he didn’t want to this week.

Elena mentioned to him that she may pick him for the Power of Veto; Cody promised to remove her from the block if he won it. He also revealed to her the same thing that he did to Mark about Paul, Kevin, Alex, and Jason being the true alliance and going after Mark and her.

Mark and Elena went back and forth about whether she should really pick Cody to play in today’s Power of Veto competition. Ultimately, it seems she has decided not to pick Cody. If he wants safety, he needs to hope for a Big Brother miracle that results in his name being drawn today.

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