What a wild week it’s been in the Big Brother 19 house. For a week that ultimately may end up being halted by Jessica Graf‘s temptation, a lot has happened and positions have shifted for pretty much everyone. House meetings, explosive fights, pots and pans, tutus: we’ve seen it all this Big Brother 19 week.

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber

Now I’ll attempt to make sense of it all for this week’s power rankings. But please be aware that things change from hour to hour, and that these are always subject to change within any moment, especially with the volatility of the Big Brother 19 house. Also this is not necessarily who is in control, but how safe each BB houseguest is going into next week. However, we all know that anything can happen, and anyone can walk out those Big Brother doors!

12. Jessica – It was difficult for me to determine whether her or Cody was truly in the worst spot going into next week. She’s certainly more well-liked, but when the house blew up on her yesterday, attention focused on Jessica. She has time to shake it off. Her charm could win her the support she needs to stay over Cody, but she’s sort of giving up. Jessica would rather see him stay than her stay. I think Jessica can recover; it’s just a matter of time.

11. Cody – Much that’s been said for Jessica can be said for Cody. He stayed silent during all of drama from Monday, but his actions are mostly what caused it all to kick off from the get go. He continues to be a house pariah and the person to get blamed for a lot of things. That won’t change especially since his interactions with the others are so limited, but attention may be more focused on Jessica because of this week and her using the Halting Hex. This could save him from being evicted next week.

10. Mark – Mark’s association with Cody, and his attitude, has gotten him labeled as a back-up target, especially since Paul seems threatened by him. Paul has a better relationship with Elena, so Mark is somewhat useless to him. Mark continues to gripe about Christmas and Alex from time to time. He also got involved in some of the pettiness with Josh during the week. I don’t think people will soon forget that he lunged at him, despite whatever his intentions were behind it. While there are a few who like Mark, most of them have turned on him; they are ready to see him walk the plank after Cody and Jessica. If they wind up safe, Mark is in trouble. It’s possible that he would have been in danger this week if he didn’t win the Temptation Competition. Mark can’t help being emotional, reactive, and whiny, and so I don’t see how he gets out of being a target in the next three or four weeks.

09. Paul – Paul really put himself in the spotlight, sweeping the week with competitions again. He continues to bark orders at his “dogs,” so to speak, and some of them are catching on to it. Jason and Kevin are starting to see that he’s got too much control and even Christmas has seemingly made comments here and there. If he’s not careful or the wrong person (Jessica, Cody, or Mark) win Head of Household, he could be in hot water. Paul may have the votes depending on who they put on the block next to him. However, I think we’ve seen this week how Paul reacts to not having control, and it’s not good.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

08. Alex – Despite making some good progress the past few weeks, I think she took a big step back being involved in the drama on Monday. Alex is now someone Jessica (and Cody) really want to see on the block, and potentially out the door. However, she has strong ties with Jason, Paul, and Kevin that should protect her. But we’ve seen that Alex is way too willing to listen to Paul and is okay with being a pawn. This continued follower-type behavior isn’t a good sign: she could easily be a victim of circumstances sometime in the near future. Alex needs to let Jason be the bigger target of their duo. She needs to take a step back from obeying Paul’s every command.

07. Raven – I believe Raven’s contributions on Monday were the most damaging. Before, if people wanted to split up Raven and Matt, I think Matt would’ve been the one to go. Now, I’m not so sure. The two of them are pretty safe with most of them, except for maybe Mark, but Raven showed just how crazy she can be. She was screeching for no apparent reason; Raven showed that she can lie and fake tear her butt off for the name of the game. Her closeness with Paul might not be great either as it could lead to her being beside him on the block. At this rate, it’s anyone’s guess who would stay in that scenario. Raven’s stock is not looking great.

06. Josh – Josh has involved himself in so much of the petty drama, but they all don’t want to waste a week getting him out at this point. Jessica took a shot at him last time, and now I think she realizes it was the wrong way to go. Josh has Christmas as his ride or die, and has good ties with Paul, Kevin, and Jason. These relationships should keep him around for awhile. Josh also has been getting closer to Elena and been cordial with Mark recently. That said, he’s still a massive personality and a lot of them wouldn’t hesitate to cut him loose if they had someone more valuable on the block against him.

05. Elena – Elena is not in the best spot, but a lot would have to go wrong for her to go home. Cody, Mark, and Jessica are bigger targets than her for the majority of the house. Jessica, Cody, and Mark would never target her. She’s sitting pretty with both sides, but some are onto it. But if she can ride out the war and shore up her relationships, Elena will be in a great spot. Part of me thinks Mark leaving would be fantastic for her game, and so would Paul leaving. It’s hard to know where she really stands, but it’s safe to say that she’s smart enough to throw competitions until she is really confident in making a bold move and picking a side.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott

04. Christmas – There are some of them (Jason and Mark) who don’t really care for Christmas, but she’s not really a target for anyone right now. Christmas has some very solid allies in Josh, Paul, and Kevin, and decent secondary relationships as well. Christmas did a great job of getting back in with Jessica this week, but it went to crap when she revealed she’d be keeping Cody with the Hex. Christmas remains not a threat because of her injury, so it makes a lot of sense to keep her. But I do worry that her medication schedule makes her moody: she’s been prone to snapping on people recently. Christmas does great damage control though and can charm most of them pretty darn well.

03. Jason – Who knew Whistlenut would be in such a good spot? He’s worked his way out of the limelight, mostly by keeping his head down and letting others run the show. Nobody is really gunning for Jason, and he has decent relationships around him. At some point, someone will take a shot at Jason and Alex, and it’s going to be interesting to see how that shakes out. Jason is certainly disposable to some of them, but I’m not sure he’s perceived as that much of a threat, especially after his abysmal performance in the Temptation Competition this week.

02. Matt – Matt has always been laid back, but his approach to this week has really left him forgotten. Not to mention, Raven putting a target on herself helps his chances too. I hope that at some point he’s willing to go against the herd mentality and “team” game. I really would like to see a glimmer of hope that Matt sees what’s going on and that a move needs to be made against Paul. So far there’s really been no evidence of that. But lucky for Matt, he won’t be anyone’s target for a while, and even if someone like Mark comes after him, he probably wouldn’t go anywhere.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Paul Abrahamian

01. Kevin – Did you see this coming? Kevin is in the best spot in the house, despite having done some shady things, and some of them even realizing that he has been shady. They all like Kevin: he has good relationships with pretty much all of the houseguests. Kevin avoids the drama, but is woke enough to see what’s really going on in the game. Kevin has certainly been a rootable force. I think he will continue to be for some time at the rate he’s going. Kevin’s biggest issue will be winning a competition down the stretch when it counts.

And that’s all folks! hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks power rankings and feel free to comment with your thoughts and reactions. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @BigBroAccess for frequent feed updates from the Big Brother House.

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