It was an emotional start to the Big Brother 20 day as Angela Rummans, Kaycee Clark, and Tyler Crispen said goodbye to their trio. Tyler and Angela agreed to not campaign against one another. They would like Kaycee make her own decision without any of their influence.

Big Brother 20 final four

Once feeds returned from Angela’s eviction, we just had general chit-chat, and Tyler and Kaycee discussing how they had to win the next two competitions. Kaycee had previously discussed with Tyler the possibility of him throwing her part 1 of the Head of Household competition (the physical/endurance one), because she felt Tyler was a lot better at the mental competitions. This way, they could both make it to the third part and face-off.

Tyler told Kaycee that he planned to throw her the competition, but he couldn’t quickly falls off, otherwise, that would make it too obvious. At least this is what he told Kaycee after he didn’t do what they had previously agreed to do. Kaycee made it seem like she was fine with him not throwing it to her, but we’ll see if this move comes back to haunt him.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark

JC Mounduix had a good time taking credit for running the entire season and discussing the dumbness of the other side. Now going into today’s Big Brother 20 Live Feeds, we should have Big Brother 11 and 13’s Jeff Schroeder enter the house to help the houseguests go down memory lane. Later tonight, the second part of the Head of Household competition should play out. Kaycee really needs to win this one, because the final part is so random that JC could easily beat Tyler in it, and that would mean Kaycee gets third place.

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