It seems like every season now we hear various Big Brother Twitter sources that alumni may be returning for the upcoming summer season of Big Brother. Sometimes it’s a full-on All Stars, sometimes just a few former houseguests, and everything in between. It’s only just the beginning of June and there’s already a lot of talk about a potential All-Stars season for Big Brother 21, or perhaps just a handful of returning alumni.

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Just a few summers ago, it was rumored that Frank Eudy, Da’Vonne Rogers, Nicole Franzel and James Huling would be returning for Big Brother 18. This turned out to be 100% true. Two years ago, in the Big Brother 19 pre-season, Paul Abrahamian’s name was thrown out, and again, it was true. Sometimes when there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Source:, Big Brother 18 Returning Houseguests

But keep in mind that these rumors were out there literally days prior to the premiere, when the houseguests had already been sequestered and ready to move into the house for the summer. Additionally, remember the rumors that Ian Terry, Shelli Poole and Hayden Moss were among supposed returning houseguests just last summer? There are so many fake rumors to name over the past several years, especially since Big Brother Twitter blew, and those being floated right now could be just the same. So, it’s probably best to take everything you are currently hearing about Big Brother 21 with a grain of salt.

As much as we’d like for it to be June 25th today, we’ve still got a few weeks to go. If two weeks from now, we are being given more detailed hints, hearing substantiated rumors, or noticing that only a handful of new houseguests are revealed then we can raise our collective eyebrow and speculate on which former houseguests could be gracing us with their presence again this summer. But for now, let’s talk about what we can probably rule out for Big Brother 21.

Given past comments, financial constraints, and the unlikelihood of many desired alumni to drop their summer plans, it is highly unlikely we’d get a full All-Stars season. Executive producer Allison Grodner has in the past shut down All-Stars rumors when we approach the time of the season. Specially last year, when many thought Big Brother 20 would be a good time for another All-Star season, execute producers Grodner and Rich Meehan shut down rumors that we’d have any returning houseguests.

Source:, Big Brother Executive Producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan

Nevertheless, popular Big Brother Twitter users and past alumni are commenting on Twitter to share their thoughts.

Paul Abrahamian, who feels like he’s mentioned as a possible returnee every year after a consecutive two year stint on the show, joked about the fan reaction when a joke about his possible return was made.

Amanda Zuckerman and Andy Herren of Big Brother 15 continually joke about All Stars. But Andy plainly stated just a few weeks ago that any former houseguests leaning into the rumors have not been called, as they would not behave as such if they actually were.

While there are rumors being thrown out that could possibly come true, it is unlikely that the truth is out there in any capacity this early in the often frantic Big Brother pre-season. People often get excited around this time and want to believe anything that is out there. Perhaps there’s some truth to what’s out there currently, perhaps not. But if you’re asking me, we can rule out a full on All-Star season. It’s highly unlikely that we’re seeing that come to fruition this summer.

Please, Big Brother fans, I know you are desperately awaiting the twenty something days we have left until we have more information, but try not to feed into the rumor mill. Try and enjoy the next twenty days, before the summer of 2019 is truly upon us. And as always, expect the unexpected.

What do you think about a possible All-Star season for Big Brother 21? If it is All-Stars, who do you want to see return?

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