Looks like there was some late night sleuthing Monday night by some dedicated Big Brother fans. What they seemed to have discovered is Big Brother spoilers on the identities of the first four houseguests of season 4! And if this is accurate, they aren’t just your ordinary houseguests.

WARNING: Big Brother Canada Spoilers coming your way. Do not continue reading unless you want to know the identities of the potential new houseguests!

In the a pre-season clips released online this week by @ETCanada, Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox touted a twist that is something that’s never been done, which is par for the course. But it appears that it actually is something that’s been much discussed and never before done throughout the world: bringing several international players to one season of Big Brother.

That’s right, four international houseguests seem to be set to appear on this winter’s fourth season of Big Brother Canada! But who are they? Prepare yourself for a few familiar faces.

Jase Wirey (Big Brother US), Tim Dormer (Big Brother Australia, Veronica Graf (Big Brother Italy), and Nikki Grahame (Big Brother UK)

If you don’t know who these might be, here’s some information about each of them:

Jase Wirey: Featured on Big Brother US seasons five and All-Stars, Jase was an explosive housemate that was never one to shy away from confrontation. He lead the Four Horsemen  in season five, but the underdogs quickly conspired against him, and while he made a splash in All-Stars, he wasn’t long for the game.

Tim Dormer: The Big Brother Australia season ten winner was known for being outrageous, abrasive, strategic and manipulative. He played the game very intensely, but had fun along the way. He even returned briefly to shake-up the house in subsequent seasons of the program.

Veronica Graf: She made her appearance in the shows thirteenth season, where this Italian model was evicted early but not after leaving a big impression. She’s sure to bring eye candy and confrontation to the house this winter!

Nikki Grahame: She is unquestionably the biggest name from Big Brother UK, having appeared on three seasons of the program: in 2006, in 2010’s Ultimate Big Brother, and again in 2015. Known for her constant tantrums and ridiculous antics, she is sure to be fun to watch, even if she has matured a bit since her original stint ten years ago.

Are you ready for the fun to begin?

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