• Brenden

    AUDITION TAPE IN THE WORKS ! Spontaneous energetic and a keen knowledge for life is who I am! 10 years later and finally here’s my shot! Cant wait until the house guests are revealed and see what awesome Canadians make the show, EH !

    • Melody

      Id love to be a contestant but I’m terrified what people would say. I don’t want personal mistakes in my past to be plastered all over the media so people could make my life hell just for the fun of it. But I’ll give it a shot. Besides, they need a Saskatchewan girl to liven things up. We’re not as boring as you think ;)

  • mike quigley

    i am interested in applying for big brother canada.please send information on how to go about applying for this. thank you

  • James R Upson

    hi my name is James I am 30 years old will be 31 before big brother canada airs i been watching big brother for 14 season and i am really looking forward to being on the first ever big brother canada show i am very competitive and a very nice guy i am a writer and a small business owner and i watch big brother every week and every episodes and i will be a good fit on the first ever big brother canada edition

    • Brendan

      This isnt an applicaton

  • Candace

    I am turning 21 and have been watching this show for quite a few years now and have been waiting since I started watching it for a Big Brother Canada ! So am making a tape and so hoping I get on the first season..if not going to try every year till I do !

  • Lisa

    Omg I have waited for 13 years for this moment. I can’t wait to be on the show!

  • Lisa

    Omg I have waited for 13 years for this moment. I can’t wait to be on the show!

  • Ashley

    Hi my name is Ashley and I have been watching big brother since the first season and I love it. I will be 20 when it would be on. I would be very competive and make the show a lot of fun. I am also a very honest person to though. Would be so happy to get a chance to be on it.

  • Dawn-Toronto

    Totally love BB Canada – its about time! I’d apply, however I dislike when people talk about me now, never mind all of Canada! Have you read blogs- people are MEAN.
    Cannot wait, I hope its fantastic & better then the USA version!

    **Please DO NOT have Leah Miller host or Ben Mulroney!!!!

    Would ne nice if us viewers get to choose the host!!

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  • kamesha

    how do I apple to be a part of the cast?

  • Denise

    Trust me when I say that I would the FUNNIEST person you could ever have on BB Canada!!!
    I have never missed a single minute of the American version of it and believe that I would play this game like no other.
    I would love to learn how to apply for this opportunity!

  • Scott

  • rachael padutsch

    how can i get on the show !! im a big fan and would love to try out :)

  • Crystal

    I would like to apply for big brother Canada!!!

  • Greg

    I rarely watch TV however the one program I do watch and enjoy is Big Brother. If I were ever to appear on television Big Brother is the one reality show I would want to be part of, and seeing that Big Brother is now debuting a Canadian franchise makes it appealing to want to be a part of that. A bit about me….I am 33, a small business owner, a former varsity football player who was a second team All Canadian. I believe I have a great personality = social game, I am super competitive and I am all-in to “play” Big Brother. I think Big Brother is an ideal challenge for someone quick on their feet, agile of mind and the perfect combination of EQ and IQ. I would love to see if I have what it takes.

  • Jordan Busch

    Why does it have to start Febuary 2013? i turn 18 on march 8 and still have my last year of school! Im the biggest fan! I will do whatever it takes but guess ill have to wait for 2014 :( Big hockey fan aswell, awesome dude! wish i could be on it this year, darn!!

  • Melissa Andrews

    I am a huge big brother fan and would love to be a part of Big Brother Canada. I would have a blast, and rock at HOH and POV.

  • Meghan Kemp

    Ive got a fun personality extremely easy to get along with I can be quite the comedian and i can sweet talk my way into or out of anything i want. :) Big brother Canada would be a perfect fit for me. Let me know how i can apply. I would DIE to be on the show.

  • Tanis

    Hello — I would like to apply asap please and thanks!!!

  • Kevin Wing

    Very interested, give me a call when you want me to start!!! Talk to you soon, Big Brother.

  • Colleen

    I am a big fan of big brother i am always watching and I would love the opportunity to be on big brother canada….

  • Alicia Stewart

    where is the casting

  • Brian Boucher

    Im trying to get on Big Brother and if i am able to get on the show trust me when i say i will keep everyone on the edge of there seats!!!

  • Annick Beaulieu

    How can I apply, I must be on Big Brother.

  • Lee-Anne Barnes

    I would very much like to apply to be on the show…can I please have information!!! Thanks..can’t wait!!!

  • Lee-Anne Barnes

    31 year old mother of an 8 year old girl who is my entire life and would love to do this for her and I, as it has been just that for the last 6 years. I am very competitive, outgoing, humorous, am the life of the party and would definitely make a GREAT show!! Oh and I would win for sure!!!! Thanks BBC!!! Can’t wait to apply and see you soon!!!

  • scott hebert

    yes it me from Windsor Ont. I am a huge fan and ready to play push kick what ever it takes to win BB Canada. you either love me or hate me. All my friends say i would win or go out with a BANG. BB here i come……

  • Christian Momat

    Hello guys, My name is Christian I am a 24 years old Congolese immigrant from Ottawa ON Canada. I am a natural comedian, recording artist and music producer. I have been watching Big Brother for a long time and i think i can be a GREAT player in the CANADA version of the show. I would like to know HOW to AUDITION for it so Please help me submit my application. PS: I WILL WIN , NO DOUBT!

  • Michael Oliver

    Hi.My name is Mike. I can’t believe Big Brother is coming to Canada! I’m a 39 old sous chef from Calgary, Alberta. I have just recently lost my right leg to cancer. I haven’t had a very easy life. I’ve had to work twice as hard to get everything that i have. I lost both of my parents to cancer in the last 5 years and now have had to battle it myself for the second time. I would really appreciate a shot in this game. Nothing really holds me back from what i want as it’s apparent in my struggles. And i know it wouldn’t hold me back in this journey. I’m doing this for me and my family. they’ve stood beside me in my battle and i would do something great for them with the money. I want to have some fun and i think that being in Big Brother would be a total blast!! I’m a smart and cunning person. I know i can win this!!

  • Ashley

    I love Big Brother and would love a chance to be on the show. Can I get any information sent to me please:)

  • Christina

    I am so excited FINALLY! I have been watching this show since it started and will forsure be applying!!

  • brittany

    Hey my name is Brittany, I would like to apply to be in the big brother canada house.. How would I do that? Please someone e-mail me and let me know … E-mail : bb-cutie-1214@hotmail.com

  • Jamie Halliday

    Hi, My name is Jamie Halliday and I’m from St.John’s, Newfoundland, and I’m a HUGE Big Brother Fan!!! If you want excitement and barrels of fun… then you got to have me on the show. Representing Newfoundland 100%

  • Rick

    I would love to be on big brother Canada I would bring my game fce on

  • Jennifer

    OMG! Finallly the wait is over! It’s about time Canada gets a chance at Big Brother! (YAY!!!) :) I would love to be a cast member for this show. Where do I sign up?!!!

  • Becca baby

    Takeee me I’ll show you how us Canadian girls do it!!!!! I wanna turn that bb house upside down!

  • SlurpeeTigger

    I have already done the online audition part, but to increase my chances, I will go to the live audition in Clagary on September 30th, hope to see a lot of Calgary fans of BB come out to apply.

    • http://bigbrothernetwork.com Matt

      Casting director Robyn Kass has already said there’s no need to do both online and in-person applications. All applications are reviewed by the same team. You’re welcome to do both, but don’t expect it to increase your chances.

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