Week four is coming to a close and things inside the Big Brother: Over the Top house are tense as the live eviction vote tonight is anyone’s guess.  The votes inside the house look as if they may be split between Scott and Neeley meaning that the deciding vote will be determined by America’s eviction vote from earlier this week.

Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Tonight’s weekly show will air at 10 PM ET/9 PM CT on CBS All Access followed by the live eviction and the new Head of Household (HOH) competition.

Justin and Morgan have both been swayed in the last couple of days to change their vote so that there would not be a tie in the house.  However, once they were convinced to change their vote, it wasn’t long before they changed their minds right back to voting with their teams.

The house is equally split right down the middle at this point in the game with 5 versus 5.  The two alliances pitted against one another still remains as the Late Night Jamboree and the Ball Smashers plus Scott.  After this evening, one of the two alliances will have the edge in the house having one more player than the other team.

We pick up where we left off last week with Shane’s eviction followed by the HOH competition.  The competition was hosted by a surprise visitor, Paul Abrahamian and his pelican floatie Pablo from Big Brother 18.  The name of the competition is “Perfect Shott” and requires good aim by the HGs.  They must roll a ball down a lane without the ball falling off the edge before making into the bucket at the end.  This is similar to a game played during BB18 week 6 that Paul won.


In order to obtain balls to roll down the lane, HGs must find tokens in the plastic balls falling from above.  Each token gives the HG one ball to roll down the lane.  The first HG to successfully roll their ball down the lane without it falling off the side will be the next HOH.


Kryssie is the first HG to roll her ball down the lane and into the bucket without it falling off the edge.  Scott and Alex assume they will be Kryssie’s biggest targets for eviction.  Scott is determined to work on damage control to try and get the large target of his back this week.

Kryssie confesses that Alex is her prime target this week because of Alex’s betrayal of Kryssie a couple of weeks ago.  Kryssie used her America’s Care Package for Alex’s benefit, and in return, Alex promised not to put Kryssie on the block.  Alex broke the promise and did, in fact, put Kryssie on the block that week.

America’s Care Package (ACP) arrives and Alex is the recipient this week.  She just dodged a major bullet.  The ACP is called Safety Servant and entitles Alex safety from eviction this week but at a cost.  She must be a servant to the current HOH, Kryssie who was just her primary target for eviction.  That should make things interesting this week.


Alex must follow all of the requests from production all week to serve Kryssie or her safety for the week can be revoked.  All of Alex’s duties this week will be dictated by production and not the HOH, Kryssie.  That will take a small bit of pressure off of Kryssie with production calling the shots rather than her.  Alex’s servant duties range from telling Kryssie jokes, baking her cakes, and using her back as a human ottoman for Kryssie’s tired feet to rest upon.

With the recent turn of events of Kryssie losing her primary target for eviction to the Safety Servant care package, she has turned her sites to Scott as her primary target for eviction now.

The first safety ceremony saves Justin, Danielle, and Neeley.  Alex is automatically safe by winning the ACP this week.  The second safety ceremony saves Jason, Whitney, and Shelby.  That leaves Scott and Morgan on the block this week for eviction.


Scott isn’t too surprised by his nomination as he admits that he and Kryssie are arch rivals in the Big Brother house.  Kryssie does confess to Morgan that she is absolutely safe this week.  Kryssie hopes that in the future, Morgan will remember this return the favor to Kryssie.

America’s nominee for eviction was Neeley, therefore leaving Neeley, Scott, and Morgan to compete in the Power of Veto (POV).  The other three players in the POV are Kryssie as HOH, and Shelby, and Justin were randomly chosen from the remaining HGs.

The POV competition is called the Wall of Shame and revolves around answering questions about the first three HGs evicted from the BB house…Cornbread, Monte, and Shane.  The HGs must complete a wall climb without touching the ground.  If they touch the ground, there is a 3 minute penalty imposed.  While climbing the wall, they must place number tiles below the questions about the three evicted HGs.  If a HGs time exceeds 30 minutes, they will be disqualified.  The HG to have the quickest time wins the POV.


With a time of just 8 minutes and 35 seconds, Morgan has won the POV.  With winning the POV, we can assume that Morgan will take herself off the block.  By doing so, Kryssie will have to nominate a replacement to the block for eviction.  This will be announced at the POV ceremony.

Kryssie decides that putting Whitney on the block as the replacement nominee for Morgan is in the best interest for her game.  Whitney does assume that she is just a pawn in this circumstance and should be safe this week.

The live eviction ceremony has begun.  Nelly rips Scott in her eviction speech while Scott shares only a few words.  Voting this week is as follows:

  • Jason votes to evict Scott
  • Morgan votes to evict Neeley
  • Danielle votes to evict Scott
  • Shelby votes to evict Neeley
  • Alex votes to evict Neeley
  • Justin votes to evict Scott

That means with a tied vote of 3-3, America’s vote will determine the HG that will be evicted this week.  America has voted to evict Neeley from the Big Brother house.

As soon as it was announced that Neeley was evicted, Scott started clapping loudly.  This sent Kryssie into a frenzy starting a fight between her and Scott.  Name calling ensues and the entire house is feeling the tension in the Big Brother house.  The HOH competition is next which should be very interesting based on the current attitude in the house.  Stay tuned for more information on the HOH competition as it unfolds on the following article, right here on our site.


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