The Big Brother alumni are doing a slow march to takeover the world. First they’ve been dabbling in the soap opera world, then they’ve been adding more reality shows to their resumes, and some are even taking the music universe by storm. Musicians like Paul Abrahamian and Kryssie Ridolfi were playing music before Big Brother, and now their band’s fandom continues to grow.

Big Brother Alumni Jessie Godderz and Morgan Willett Team up with 98 Degree’s Jeff Timmons for Fun Music Video

Today’s Big Brother news brings us an unexpected singer in the form of one of our favorite Big Brother personalities: Jessie Godderz aka Mr. PEC-Tacular. Recently, Jessie teamed up with his friend and 98 Degrees band member, Jeff Timmons. The two recorded a duet . In the song, Jessie and Jeff are competing for the love and attention of another Big Brother alumni, Big Brother Over the Top’s winner, Morgan Willett.

Big Brother Alumni Jessie Godderz and Morgan Willett Team up with 98 Degree’s Jeff Timmons for Fun Music Video

Entertainment Tonight exclusively released the video for “The Girl is With Me,” and conducted an interview with Timmons about it. In the interview, Timmons expressed that the aim of the video was to be a little cheesy and have fun with the idea of competing for someone’s affection. It was also inspired by Sir Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson’s song “The Girl is Mine.”

Timmons also revealed that he was impressed by Jessie’s singing skills and that this really was a collaborative project. Timmons thought of the concept and lyrics, but Jessie also had some input on the lyrics. It’s a fun video that really hams it up with a surprise twist ending, and it highlights why you might want to be a little humble when trying to win someone’s heart, especially someone who won Big Brother Over the Top.

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