Evict Ricky Williams or to not evict Ricky has been the Celebrity Big Brother 2 question all week. Head of Household Tom Green couldn’t decide if he should continue to work with him or pivot and try to evict him. Yesterday, he seemed to have finally decided: Evict Ricky.

He just needed to make sure that Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie were on board for the plan. They were not. This discussion started on Tuesday and just continued up until the Power of Veto competition.

Lolo and Eva Marie were so against this plan that they told Ricky Toms plan to backdoor him. They even started to consider a new final five that could, get this, include Joey Lawrence. Tom’s actions and paranoia really started to rub everyone the wrong way. It almost united the house in a everyone against Tom and Kato Kaelin way.

Joey proposed a plan to keep him this week and vote out Kandi Burruss or whoever ended up on the block next to him on Saturday. They would then team up to take out Tom and Kato. He also stated that as long as he had enough votes with Ricky’s one, he would also not use the Veto if he won it. He would keep nominations the same and trust in his new alliance. When the women told Ricky about this idea, he wasn’t on board.

He still though the best plan this week was to evict Joey. However, after Veto, it seems like the plan may not be to evict Kandi and use Joey moving forward. The Power of Veto basically confirmed that Ricky would not be backdoored.

It was a football themed comp that Eva Marie won. She along with Dina Lohan and Lolo were picked to play in it. She has already stated that she would not use it. Tom and Kato will definitely be in trouble going into next week.

Speaking of trouble, Tamar Braxton ranted to Joey about how she didn’t like that everyone was making this power thing so serious. She felt like it was a bully thing to force someone to reveal that they had it. Joey mentioned that whoever had it, wouldn’t be trusted anymore by the house for lying about it so easily.

Tom had also figured out that Tamar had it. He admitted that he knew Ricky didn’t have the power but he wanted him out because he was a strong player.

We may have a quiet day, since the Power of Veto ceremony won’t likely happen until Friday.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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