The mess of it all! Thursday’s Celebrity Big Brother 2 feeds started off slowly. We had some game talk, broken alliances, and the Power of Veto Ceremony. It seemed like it was gearing up to be a quiet day. Then wine got involved, and it all went to hell in a hand basket, in a good way.

Celebrity Big Brother 2-Drunk Dina Lohan

Tom Green, Lolo Jones, Natalie Eva Marie, Kato Kaelin, and Ricky Williams kind of all avoided each other most of the morning. Tom and Kato debated what to do if Eva Marie used the Veto or the Power of the Publicist. Eva Marie let everyone in her “alliance” know that she probably wasn’t using the Veto. This made Kato and Tom hope for the power to be used so they could either take out Ricky or even possibly Lolo.

The Power of Veto ceremony happens and Eva Marie doesn’t use her veto. Immediately following it, Tom gets upset that Lolo and her didn’t really discuss anything with them. They felt like they made it clear that they weren’t in a true alliance if they didn’t have a group discussion before the POV ceremony about what to do next. Ricky and Lolo and Eva Marie discuss Ricky pretending like he’s confused over them not backdooring Tamar Braxton.

Ricky does this, and Kato and Tom aren’t buying any of the acting. The Fun Five “alliance” have a group meeting. They discussed their lack of communication, and agree to be better in the future. Once Ricky, Lolo, and Eva Marie leave, Tom and Kato establish that they know that whole thing was a lie. They know they’re in danger next week.

Celebrity Big Brother 2-Tom Green and Kato Kaelin

Tom and Kato then debate whether to out their alliance publicly or not. They eventually agree not to out it, but they need to get Joey Lawrence and Dina Lohan firmly on their side. They also want to work on Tamar.

Later in the night, the houseguests have a party in Tom’s HOH room. It has dancing, general chit-chat, drinking, etc. Once it’s over, Kato and Tom tell Joey everything about the alliance, him being the target, and who was behind Ryan Lochte leaving. He exposes it all. Kato does the same with Dina, but that’s after he was trying not to tell her too much. He was worried she would tell everyone.

Celebrity Big Brother 2-Dina Lohan, Kandi Burruss, and Kato Kaelin

A drunk Dina goes around to Kandi Burruss and confronts her about not being loyal to her, and being with the other side. Kandi is confused, but then brings up the fact that Dina voted her out. It leads to an argument, but they eventually make up.

Dina also confronts Ricky, telling him that she was told not to trust him. Kato just gets more upset about Dina talking too much. Dina continues to demand more information.

Kato and Tom propose to Dina that she goes along with a new plan. They keep Joey and pull him to their side. Dina isn’t too sure because she’s close friends with Kandi, and she mentions how Joey has been spending a lot of time with Lolo and Eva Marie now.

Celebrity Big Brother-Lolo Jones

Meanwhile, Joey tells his new alliance everything that Tom and Kato said to them. Lolo and Eva Marie are now upset with Tom and Kato even more. They discuss just ending the fake alliance now, and just letting everyone know where they stand with Tom and Kato.

Dina continued to have funny antics throughout the rest of the night. The Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguests went to sleep very late, so it might be a late wake up call, especially with nothing immediately planned for today.

As of now, going into tomorrow’s Live Eviction, Joey will stay and Kandi will be voted out. With last night’s drunk antics, we expect some more fall out today. We may see some tension between Kato and Tom, and Lolo and Eva Marie.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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