The Celebrity Big Brother houseguests wasted no time going from semi-normal to lunatics. Well at least a few of them. CBS was kind enough to provide lots of booze for the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition crew. In tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother premiere, Brandi Glanville made it known that she likes her drinks, so she got lots of them. The former real housewife made some drama by bringing out some first Live Feeds night chaos.

Celebrity Big Brother Brandi Glanville, Shannon Elizabeth, and Ariadna Gutierrez Drink

Meanwhile, James Maslow was trying his best to stay in the Celebrity Big Brother game. With spoilers already out there, and a few sneak peeks of feeds, we could dive right into the action without having to play too much catch-up. So let’s recap all the action of the first Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds.

Blunt Brandi

Celebrity Big Brother-Keshia Knight Pulliam and Omarosa Discuss Brandi Glanville

Keshia Knight Pulliam and a few others felt Brandi was going too far with her behavior last night. Omarosa and Keshia said that her actions wouldn’t ruin their all-female alliance, but they would have to monitor her a little more in the future. They also wanted to stop her from drinking too much (yeah, good luck with that ladies).

Brandi threw her filter away by offending a few houseguests, Keshia, Shannon Elizabeth, and Mark McGrath seemed most ruffled by her words and actions. At one point, Brandi even told Shannon (who was already quite paranoid) that the guys would target her in the near future.

A Game of Charades

Celebrity Big Brother Cast Playing Charades

Before things got crazy with drunk Brandi, the houseguests were all having fun together: drinking and playing charades. The biggest moment from the game came when Brandi pointed at Marissa Jaret Winokur‘s nose, and kept making a notion to go bigger. Somehow, James got that Brandi was trying to get them to figure out Jumanji.

This incident would be retold several times before the night ended.

James Fights For Another Day

Celebrity Big Brother James Maslow Campaigns For Safety

James seems to sense that he’s the current target for eviction. He spent some of the night trying to campaign for safety. His main focus was on swaying Ross Mathews. He told Ross that he for sure had Mark and Metta World Peace as two votes, so he only needed three more to stay.

James wanted to get Ross’s vote, and Ross did his best to listen to James’ campaigning. However, he basically told Shannon that he was still going to vote out James on Friday. James plans to spend most of today campaigning for safety. He doesn’t think that he has done anything to warrant an eviction, so if he does go, he thinks it will be more personal than game related.

It appears that Shannon decided not to use her veto and Chuck Liddell is still on the block as a pawn. We didn’t see Chuck do much campaigning last night, but on the few previews we got, he definitely seemed to have campaigned for safety early on in the week.

We’ll have to watch and see if James can keep himself safe for another week (or a few more days).

Metta World Peace Tries to Escape

Celebrity Big Brother Metta World Peace in Hot Tub

The houseguests mentioned that Metta has made several attempts already to escape the Big Brother house. He seemed to have calm down during the Live Feeds, and just embracing the experience more and his Metta personality. However, we expect more escape attempts from Metta, he really seems to miss his family at home.

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