Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Sunday – Waking Up With the Houseguests

We just can’t have our morning coffee without switching on the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds and seeing what’s happening in the Big Brother house! This morning so far has proven quite interesting indeed…

Kathy and Kristen
Kathy and Kristen snarfing breakfast (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feeds)

Enzo, Rachel and Brendon started out the morning with an oh so fascinating discussion about what one should eat/drink before working out. Why is it that every time Rachel opens her mouth now, we just want to run screaming from the room? Now Enzo is running around the backyard with his shirt off while Lane shows off his masculine self by doing pushups. Oh those beefy men!

Meanwhile, Britney once again shows off just how much of a mirror hog she is while whining and complaining ad nauseum to the bathroom microphones. Seriously, how much makeup does this girl wear? She tries to be so girly-girl, but she still chews with her mouth open – loudly.

Matt, Ragan and Brendon somehow got involved in a very weird discussion about the history of homosexuality and pederasty. If you haven’t heard that latter term before, it refers to an erotic relationship between an older man and an adolescent boy. Yeah, you might want to rewind your Big Brother 12 Live Feeds (around 10:30 AM PT) to catch that discussion.

Matt, Brendon and Ragan
Matt, Brendon and Ragan (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feeds)

Kathy has finally crawled out of bed looking like death warmed over. Britney is talking about how gross “Brendon and Rachel banging” is. “I can’t think of anything nastier. I’d rather sear my retinas with hot grease.” Ouch!

Last, but hardly least, Kristen is up and about dressed in her insanely ugly red wig and rainbow leotard. We just can’t help but get a hearty laugh out of prissy Kristen having to wear that thing! Oh, and Enzo is hung over from that half a bottle of wine and a beer he downed last night!

So that’s how the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds are going this morning. Haven’t tuned in yet to get all the dish from the BB12 house they won’t (or can’t!) show you on TV? Check out your 3-Day Free Trial here!

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