Big Brother 13 House Photos Updated – HOH Bedroom Mystery Solved

Another new set of Big Brother 13 house photos has led to some confusion about the actual decoration of the Head of Household (HOH) bedroom and the backyard for the Big Brother 2011 season. Among all the photos from the house now floating around that we’ve posted here on, there appears to be two versions of the HOH bedroom and two versions of the backyard seating area. Turns out that one set is from an earlier, discarded decorating theme. Or at least that’s the news we are hearing.

So, no, it is unlikely that they plan on having some sort of crazy extra HOH bedroom floating around. Although, frankly, that could be really fun plot twist someone might want to think about for a future season…

We’ve posted the whole slew of current house pictures (including the unused versions of the HOH and backyard) below, but here are the comparisons between the two areas that had different version pics.

HOH Bedroom:

Source: CBS

Personally, for this room, I liked the first version better. The soft blue, brown and off-white was very soothing and comfy. The box hedge decorations were not so obtrusive and in your face. I would want to spend a lot of time in that room. In the second room, I would be hiding those orange pillows and blankets and anything else orange I could move. Now while I’m watching those late night bitch sessions in the HOH sessions on the Big Brother live feeds, I’m going to keep getting distracted by all that orange glaring everywhere.


Source: CBS

Now between the two backyard themes, I actually like the more colorful one better — shocker! I’m still not overly fond of the bright orange and red. However, the first photo shows a kind of boring seating area with faux velvet couches that kind of look the worse for wear somehow. It was just rather drab. The new version is, well, anything but that. Plus, since the houseguests often tend to gather in this area in the morning after getting up, they can get a nice face full of slapping color to wake them up!

Check out the gallery slideshow below for all of the currently released Big Brother 13 house photos we’ve been able to find so far. Just click the pic to go to the next photo.

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