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Sunday morning in the Big Brother 13 house started off as quite a few have before on the Big Brother live feeds — smokers Adam and Shelly dishing about randomness and game play around 9:30AM BBT. Most of the rest of the day was devoted to game play talk about the eviction nominations and whether they would stay the same or if Head of Household Jeff might decide to take someone off the block and possibly backdoor Daniele.

Adam tells Shelly all about a conversation he had the previous evening with Daniele. Daniele asked him if he knew what Jeff was up to, Adam told her no. Adam told Shelly he basically fed Daniele some BS and listened to her try to make it like Rachel was no longer a target and hinted that Adam needs her to get out Jeff and Jordan.

Shelly says what makes Daniele dangerous is that she jumps all over the place and you don’t know what her head is doing. Adam and Shelly agree that Daniele needs to go this week.

Up in the Head of Household room around 11:10AM BBT, Adam is talking with Jeff about Daniele. Adam tells Jeff that Daniele was really working him to get his vote if she ended up as the replacement nominee. Adam says he personally thinks it would be best to get her out. Jeff says Daniele has tried to make the same deals with everyone.

For those who would like some gratuitous video of the houseguests laying around in their skimpy swimwear in the sunshine, roll those Big Brother live feed cameras back to around 12:20 BBT.

As the houseguests lazily wander about in the afternoon, production spews out some randomness for them — maybe for the Head of Household competition? “Houseguests, did you know it takes 19 and a quarter laps around the backyard to make up a mile?” and “There are 15 republics in the Soviet Union.”

Cut over to Shelly at around 1:45PM BBT and we find her telling Porsche and Daniele that she would be SO happy if she was the one who got Rachel out. Porsche says she will have to race her for it next week. After Shelly glows about the idea of getting out Rachel a bit more, they start talking about Daniele’s birthday party scheduled later in the day.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Rachel are talking in the kitchen. The gist seems to be that Jordan has hinted to Rachel that Jeff may decide to backdoor Daniele. Rachel is all for it. Jordan is worried about if Shelly and Adam will vote with them.

A little later, Jordan and Rachel are in the downstairs bathroom coloring Rachel’s hair. It becomes quite the little beauty salon when Porsche comes in and shaves Adam’s head. Then Kalia comes in to curl her hair. Kind of funny the parade of houseguests and their hair, around 2:00PM BBT. Later when Porsche cuts Jeff’s hair, he asks who she would put up if she was HoH and she says Rachel and either Adam or Shelly.

Note: Rachel wardrobe malfunction with her bikini at approximately 3:11PM BBT.

The live feeds go off for a while for Daniele’s birthday party at 4:00PM BBT.

When the feeds return, Kalia tells Adam she needs his vote to win the game because she needs a boob lift. Daniele teases that whoever goes to jury next should tell Brendon that Rachel is late and seems to have a baby bump. This topic will come up again later with less funny.

Rachel and Jordan are talking and Rachel says it would be amazing if she and Jordan and Jeff could be the final three. She says Daniele doesn’t count as a ‘veteran’ because she was a traitor to the veteran’s alliance.

A bit later, Daniele says she thinks production should make Rachel take a pregnancy test because it wouldn’t be good for her to compete or drink if she was knocked up. Daniele and Shelly talk about Rachel’s period being two weeks late and how she is worried about it.

Around 9:50PM, Kalia and Daniele discuss how it seems like Jeff doesn’t want to talk. Daniele says she is really, super bad freaking out.

Kalia eventually does manage to corner Jeff in the HoH room, around 10:35PM BBT. Kalia tells him she sincerely hopes she is not his target. She says she is not coming after him and that she has really tried to avoid doing bad things regarding Jeff or Jordan. Like not putting up Jordan even though people told her to. She really works hard on trying to convince him she should say. Check out the Flashback on the Big Brother live feeds for the whole conversation.

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