Big Brother 13: Week 2 Sunday Live Feed Review

WARNING: Reviews and  recaps on from the Big Brother live feeds may inherently contain SPOILERS you may not want to read! Please beware!

Sunday was quite the eventful day in the Big Brother 13 house on the live feeds. The newbies are on the run from the veterans and one in particular is furious with their fate. Plus, what the hell is up with Rachel and Cassi anyway?

To start off the morning, Brendon does a bit of camera talk and says Cassi will be gone soon and Daniele is corrupting Dominic. Shelly comes outside and she and Brendon make nice outside over morning coffee. Brendan tells Shelly he wants her to make it all the way to the end, but there are a lot of other people who need to go home. Brendon tells Shelly if he gets a chance to let her win Head of Household, he will do it but she says she’d rather fight for it herself.

Adam comes out and moans over not winning the Power of Veto but says he’s happy to be staying because Dominic won.

Porsche, Daniele and Rachel pull out the skimpy swimwear to do some sun-bathing — always one of our favorite voyeuristic pleasures on the Big Brother live feeds.

Adam and Cassi talk about Dominic. Adam says he and Dominic are working things through so they can be a stronger duo and watch each other’s backs. Cassi is pissed because she doesn’t want to end up leaving with some people are still left in the house who are not as deserving.

Kalia and Dominic discuss who needs to get eliminated after Cassi and Lawon. Kalia says that while the plan was to get Porsche out next, they really need to get Brendon and Rachel out once the golden keys are all used up. Or they will demolish them.

In the Have Not room, Dominic asks Kalia who she wants to align with after the duos split and she says him, her and Daniele. Dominic says he can bring Adam along for that as well.

Moving into the kitchen, Dominic and Kalia bash on Porsche. Kalia calls her an idiot and says all she cares about is setting there with ‘half her boob out’ and getting camera time. Kalia also denies to Dominic at one point that she voted against Keith.

Jordan and Jeff talk about Cassi and the stress of knowing you are going to end up leaving and not really being able to do anything about it. Jordan feels like she is a mean person and it sucks they have to vote Cassi out. They talk about the need to get Brendon and Rachel out as soon as the duos split.

Rachel comes up and agrees it sucks Cassi is getting voted off. Jeff and Jordan ask her to be nice to Cassi during her last days. Rachel goes to fetch Dominic for Jeff and Jordan to talk to.

Jeff asks Dominic who he will put up if Kalia and Lawon win Power of Veto. Dominic says, well, obviously you don’t want me to say you. Dominic says he wants to know he won’t go home instead of Adam and they swear he won’t. Jordan tells Dominic they want to have a long term alliance with him. Jeff and Jordan, however, aren’t sure they can actually trust him, but they aren’t telling him that.

Later Dominic tells Lawon that if he and Kalia were put up, it would be Lawon who stayed because no one likes Kalia. Dominic tells Lawon he has his back and Lawon says he believes him and isn’t worried at all.

Jordan tells Shelly that Rachel told her she doesn’t think she and Jeff could beat Dominic. Shelly says Rachel thinks she runs the place. (So true!)

In the candy room, Daniele tells Brendon and Rachel that Porsche was pushing the idea of putting Brendon and Rachel up for elimination. Rachel calls her several nasty names and gets very worked up. Daniele and Brendon tells her to calm down. She stomps off saying she wants to go to the Diary Room to vent. Daniele asks Brendon how he can put up with Rachel’s behavior and says she isn’t going to tell her anything any more. Daniele says Rachel needs a handler. (LOL also true!)

Rachel attempts to act normally, but she is seriously pissed off. Brendon keeps telling her to keep it calm. Daniele and Brendon talk about Rachel driving him nuts because she doesn’t listen. Rachel comes in with the Bible to read but Brendon takes it away and tells her it does not have the answer to her issues right now. Daniele and Brendon tell Rachel she needs to be nice to Porsche because of the Jury House.

Kalia whines that she was only called to the Diary Room to be asked to clean the kitchen windows. She says “that is so racist.” Shelly is like, oh come on. Kalia says she isn’t serious, she just likes to say tht at because it’s funny.

Jeff and Jordan are being hysterical in the bathroom. Jeff has Jordan look at her from outside the shower to see if she can see anything. The answer is yes and Big Brother live feed viewers get some shower footage of Jeff’s rear end courtesy of the very pervy camera operators! (Around 6:10PM BBT).

Kalia tells Jordan that there are only two people in the house she has given her word to and that is her and Jeff. Jordan says if it were further along in the game, she would say f**k it and put up Brendon and Rachel so Cassi could stay in the house. But if that happened now it would screw everyone.

Cassi confronts Rachel about being sent home and asks why Rachel has it out for her. Rachel tells her she is beautiful and nice and there is no hard feelings. However, she thinks Cassi was going to come after her and that people told her Cassi was saying she and Brendon needed to be put up. Cassi says people are liars and that she made a deal with Rachel and was going to stick with it. Cassi says she thinks Rachel wants her out because she is a female. Rachel tells Cassi she plays the victim. Cassi vents back that Rachel is a “catty, catty girl” and “an ugly person inside.” (This is a great, tasty bit of cat-fighting and you can rewind back on the live feeds to around 8:25 PM BBT to listen to all the fun.)

After all that drama, Rachel goes upstairs with Jordan and cries about Cassi being mean to her. Jordan tells her that Rachel’s behavior does sometimes come across as bitchy. She also says no one likes Porsche and she comes off like Rachel’s bosom buddy and nobody likes that. Jordan comes up and it is just one big Rachel fest whining about being misunderstood. Ugh. Rachel says Cassi is horrible for saying Rachel just hates girls. Jordan tells Rachel that she kind of told Cassi that Rachel didn’t like her because she’s pretty.

Jordan tells Rachel she just really needs to watch her mouth. Which is advice that everyone keeps telling her but she apparently just can’t get through her thick head. Daniele comes up and tells Rachel she just needs to get over it.

Oh god, then we get Brendon and Rachel rehashing it all and Bredon ends up crying and saying how much he loves her and wants to marry her right now. It really makes you want to flee from your computer watching Brendon act like a total pansy ass.

To close out the night, Bredon finds someone’s (apparently) dirty, poopy underwear on the floor of the candy room. Daniele comes to look and laughs. Brendon says Dominic has been having stomach issues. Brendon throws the underwear in the trash and brings some of the other houseguests in to see. Everyone laughs over the underwear. Jeff finally admits he and Daniele melted chocolate and put it in the underwear and the joke is on Brendon. We do love those Big Brother pranks!

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