Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Eviction Nominations Week 3

The eviction nominations for week 3 on Big Brother 14 have finally been announced and no matter when way Head of Household Shane Meaney spins it, we’re anticipating some serious drama going around in response to these nominations. Has Shane made a smart move with his nominations? Or has he just painted the target on his back even larger? Ready to know who is up on the block this week? Read on in our Big Brother 14 spoilers for the week 3 eviction nominations!


Please be warned this post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers about the week 3 eviction nominations. If you don’t want to know, stop reading now!

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Wow, what a shake up in the nominations today! All of the plans Head of Household Shane had laid just seemed to vanish in thin air. For a while it seemed Danielle Murphree had Shane convinced to nominate previous H0H Frank Eudy and social gamer guy Wil Heuser. Wil, however, was saved by Janelle Pierzina after she won the Coaches’ Competition. Then Frank came to Shane with, well, one of the best “don’t nominate me” speeches ever and played on the possibilities of the ‘deal’ the two have been going back and forth with.

Apparently, Wil being safe from the block and Frank putting his back into keeping Shane from nominating him resulted in a whole lot of crazy when it came to nomination time. So who did end up on the block this week? Well, in the end, Shane decided to put up:

* Chef Joe Arvin
* Ashley Iocco

Let’s just say the house is in a total uproar right now on the Big Brother live feeds because everyone thought Frank was going up on the block and now they are freaked and pissed. If you don’t have the Big Brother 14 live feeds yet, now is the time to get signed up and tuned in as things are just going to get wilder and crazier behind the scenes in the Big Brother 14 house from here on out.


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