Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Live Feed Recap – Monday, Week 6

 The Big Brother 14 cast houseguests were back at it fast and furious on the Big Brother live feeds Monday in the aftermath of the Power of Veto Competition. First we had the last minute campaigning for the Power of Veto Ceremony, and then we had the fiery aftermath when the PoV holder revealed what they were going to do. We do love when the drama heats up inside the Big Brother 14 house!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Sunday, August 12. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!


 9:55 AM BBT

Frank Eudy and Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin talk. Frank tells Boogie he talked to Shane Meaney last night and Danielle Murphree supposedly told Shane she would not hold a grudge if he put up Dan Gheesling as the replacement nominee against Boogie. Boogie says BOOM! They think they have Shane on the path to put up Dan or Chef Joe Arvin as the replacement nominee, thus ensuring Boogie will probably be safe at eviction.

Chef Joe Arvin comes out and tells Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin that Shane Meaney won’t tell him what he is going to do with his Power of Veto. He says he hears he might be the one going up. He says he talked to Shane to try to get him to put up Dan instead as the bigger threat.

10:25 AM BBT

Mike ‘Boogie’ is in the Head of Household room basically trashing Dan Gheesling all over the place again trying to make sure Shane puts up Dan as the replacement nominee at the PoV Ceremony. He tells Shane that Dan is playing him like a fiddle. Shane does his own ‘playing’ of Boogie, saying he doesn’t want to end up going home and see how Dan manipulated him.

Afterward, Frank and Boogie are pleased and think Shane is seeing things their way.

11:00 AM BBT

Frank Eudy goes after Shane one more time as well in a desperate attempt to get Shane to put up Dan on the block, thus hopefully saving his buddy Mike Boogie.

The Big Brother live feeds cut out for the Power of Veto Ceremony.

11:50 AM BBT

The Big Brother live feeds return and Shane has decided to put up floater Jenn Arroyo as the replacement nominee, obviously as a pawn to ensure Mike Boogie gets voted out. Jenn is pissed off and not at all happy about being put on the eviction block. She says she is going after blood. She goes in the kitchen and yells cuss words.

11:55 AM BBT

Covering her bases as always, Britney Haynes tells Jenn she is sorry she is on the block and, of course, she had absolutely nothing at all to do with it. Britney says she will vote for Jenn to stay (of course she will) and that Shane wants to talk to her when she chills.

12:00 PM BBT

Jenn tells Ian she thinks it is all Dan’s fault. Just like Boogie and Frank think everything is Dan’s fault. Everyone gives Dan a whole lot of credit when he really spends a whole lot of time doing nothing.

Jenn expresses her extreme displeasure with being put on the eviction block directly to Shane. Jenn may not be in serious danger of eviction (yet), but now she’s totally on the radar, which she was very nicely avoiding up until now for the most part. Shane says he put her up because she has a great relationship with Boogie and that Jenn has been playing spy for him. Jenn says she has not. She is super angry.

12:05 PM BBT

Boogie is so pissed. He says he will sit in the Jury House and poison everyone against Shane so he doesn’t get any votes. He says he will not ever give Shane any help in the real world now. He says he wants to confront Shane and tell him he is Dan’s bitch and smash in his face. He’s all about how he could have changed Shane’s whole life and now he’s just going to go back to his pathetic little life. (Wow Boogie, full of yourself?) A great rewind on the Big Brother live feeds for this rant.

12:25 PM BBT

Jenn, Ian, Boogie and Frank talk in the Shoe Room. Jenn says she started singing nasty lyrics beside Dan while he was doing dishes about “you look so pretty digging your grave.” Ian asks if he starts a fight with Dan if they will back him up and they agree. A few minutes later though, Frank tells Ian not to start any fights because he doesn’t wnat him to look bad.

12:29 PM BBT

Danielle Murphree and Ashley Iocco discuss Jenn being put up on the block and how it sucks for her. Of course, they aren’t planning to evict her, but they still feel bad.

12:30 PM BBT

The real bitching begins as Frank and Mike Boogie confront Shane in the kitchen. Words are exchanged, Frank and Boogie attack Shane verbally, but he stands his ground. Boogie does indeed tell Shane he is Dan’s bitch and he better hope his daddy Dan wins HoH next week or he is screwed. Frank says Shane just went from being off his radar to being on the top of his sh*t list, with Dan in second place. Shane is like, fine, whatever.

12:55 PM BBT

A strange campaign to try to piss off Dan begins as Boogie and Frank sit in the living room with him as he is reading the bible. They talk about Dan in front of his face like he’s not even present. Jenn joins in the game. Chef Joe comes in and tells Frank and Boogie he doesn’t like them being bullies. They, of course, protest and deny they are bullying anyone. Also, Boogie slams Janelle Pierzina again just for good measure, saying she is back home enjoying a large dildo as she watches the Big Brother live feeds.

This is all very weird and well worth watching on the Big Brother live feeds. If you still don’t have your feeds going yet, there is still plenty of time to check out a 3 day free trial and get in on the best part of the Big Brother 14 season inside the house where the real game is played behind the scenes of the CBS Big Brother show.

1:40 PM BBT

Danielle manages to turn all the drama into a personal tragedy for herself and is crying all over Dan in the Arcade Room. She whines about how Frank and Boogie are trying to work her by saying Dan picked Kara over her in the beginning and how he is going to stab her in the back eventually. (Which, yes, of course he is — that’s the game!) This girl seriously needs medicating.

1:45 PM BBT

Always campaigning for her own future safety, Britney Haynes tells Frank and Boogie that she absolutely did not know in advance what Shane was going to do at the PoV Ceremony on purpose so she couldn’t get blamed for it later. (Wow Britney, that just sounds so lame.) They really don’t care right now as Britney is the least of their problems.

2:30 PM BBT

In another great Flashback conversation on the Big Brother live feeds, Britney confronts Danielle about being out of control and making everything all about her. Awesome Britney. I honestly think all the houseguests need to stage an intervention for Danielle or something.

4:35 PM BBT

Jenn works it for votes at eviction and seems kind of not with the whole house knowing that Boogie is the real target here. Then again, it is a wonder that Jenn even knows the names of the other houseguests. I think she’s been hiding in a kitchen cabinet during most of the season so far or something.

6:15 PM BBT

Feeding more of Danielle’s self-induced drama, she finds out that Jenn is pissy at her, which leads Danielle to be all dramatic about oh no, someone I never even speak to might not like me… isn’t my world terrible!

7:00 PM BBT

Jenn learns that Danielle has been crying. Jenn says she would like to provoke more of that. I laugh.

8:40 PM BBT

Frank and Boogie, worried about Ian Terry still being in their pocket or not, start harassing him. They think he is too close to Dan, they don’t like him hanging out with Shane. They are doing a better job alienating him than they are reeling him in.

9:30 PM BBT

Chef Joe complains of not feeling very well, having a rapid heart beat and a headache. He goes to the Diary Room. He comes out and says his blood pressure is too high and they have given him a pill.

10:50 PM BBT

Frank talks with Chef Joe, working him hard to come to their side and secure his vote to keep Boogie in the game.

11:15 PM BBT

Ashley is going to vote to keep Boogie after talking to him. She wants to know if Ian wants to keep Boogie in the game and he says yes, even though he is allied with Boogie’s opposition in the Quack Pack.

3:00 AM BBT

Frank and Boogie are after Joe again for his vote. Boogie and Frank are relatively sure they have Ashley and Ian on their side, which would give them four votes if they can get Joe on their side. Joe won’t commit and says he wants to talk to Ashley.

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