Big Brother 15: Backyard Interview With Aaryn Gries [Video]

After the Big Brother 15 finale on Wednesday night, HouseGuest Aaryn Gries was reportedly trailed by two publicists while she gave her post-show interviews. Aaryn had just learned the hard truth that her actions inside the Big Brother house made her the ugly poster child for a controversial season rife with racism, homophobia and misogyny. So it’s no surprise she needed a bit of coaching in how to deal with all those irritating press questions about her behavior on the show.

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Gries and Jeff Schroeder

Aaryn’s public relations handlers can’t be seen in her backyard interview with Big Brother 11 & 13 veteran Jeff Schroeder but you can feel their presence looming from the sidelines. With a huge smile plastered to her face, Aaryn delivered all the right lines about “owning what I did and what I said” and apologized, in particular, for blaming her “problems” on being raised in Texas.

Do you think Aaryn Gries was sincere in apologizing for the racist remarks she made on Big Brother 15? The object of her worst venomous remarks, Candice Stewart, has completely forgiven her and is now even defending her in the press. Has she earned your forgiveness too?

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