Big Brother 15 cast member Amanda Zuckerman infamously had ‘female troubles’ inside the house this past season that we heard far too much about on the Live Feeds. Her fellow cast members enjoyed making endless nasty jokes about her issues with her lady parts. Poor Amanda’s female problems were spread far and wide on the Internet as well, which apparently has prompted one company dedicated to treating such troubles to cash in for a bit of free publicity.


If you don’t already know, the gist of it is that Amanda had a yeast infection and could not help telling everyone about it. Personally, we would have kept that information between us and production when we asked for some meds to take care of the problem. Making things even worse, Amanda Zuckerman could not stop running around half-naked, often wearing just skimpy underwear, which just kept prompting people to make even more jokes and crass comments about her ‘issues’.

Apparently one female hygiene company decided all this publicity was worth cashing in on and sent Amanda a little post-show gift. According to a post on her Twitter feed, Amanda received a lovely box of various MONISTAT products after the show. We love how the box was packed with pretty blue tissue paper around the various creams and lotions. The gift box included a note to Amanda from MONISTAT, which read:

“Hi Amanda. Heard you were having trouble getting your hands on some MONISTAT. We weren’t sure which kind you prefer, so we erred on the side of caution. Feel free to reach out if you’re ever in need in the future! Your friends at MONISTAT.”

Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman

Amanda posted a photo of the gift box with the note: “Lol a gift from Monistat… I guess they heard I had women issues in the house lol!”

We’re glad she found it amusing because frankly, we’d kind of feel a bit humiliated about having that kind of personal information so widely known we ended up with a gift box from a company full of treatment options. Once again, future Big Brother HouseGuests, do remember that EVERYTHING you say and do is caught on camera and will be seen, heard, printed, published about and exist on the Internet forevermore…


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