Who was the HouseGuest Jeff Schroeder couldn’t seem to take his eyes off during the Big Brother 15 backyard interviews? That would be Jessie Kowalski of the very low cut pink dress, whom he said was looking “good and sexy” and joked that he would have to keep his eyes on her face instead of… well, you know.

9-23-2013 01-19-28 PM

Jessie said she wouldn’t change anything about how she played the game. People might have thought she should have continued to try to lay low but she didn’t want to be a floater in the house. Jessie said she tried “pretty hard” to partner up and she was open to a showmance but that “didn’t work out.”

Being in Jury house was “odd,” Jessie said and there were “flare ups” to deal with, like Amanda Zuckerman and Elissa Slater getting into a “little tiff” right before the finale. Jessie tried to stay out the drama though and read a lot of books. After her Big Brother 15 experience, Jessie said she is going to move to Los Angeles and see if she can use her experience on the show to break into entertainment in a bigger way.

Do you think Jessie has the chops to make it as an actress or TV personality? We think after watching her little takeover of the interview at the end that she’s going to need some work on her skills…

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