Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Amanda Attacks Jessie and Candice!

After the CBS Big Brother 2013 live eviction show last night, it didn’t take long before all hell broke loose inside the house. Amanda Zuckerman, pissed as hell over the last minute attempt to flip the house vote against her, went after bellow Big Brother 15 cast members Jessie Kowalski and Candice Stewart with livid gusto. The screaming, yelling, tears and accusations flying all over made for a crazy night of delicious drama that kept us riveted to our computer screen far too late into the wee hours of the morning.


Amanda’s raging fights with Candice and Jessie were epic and well worth a long and enjoyable rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Her behavior was so over the top, even normally chill McCrae got worked up and threatened Amanda that if she didn’t chill out, she was going to get her a** thrown out of the house. Everyone in the house was pretty much in an uproar and if Amanda gets nominated by America as the Most Valuable Player eviction pick once again this week… well, her days might just be very numbered indeed.

Check all all the wild details of our special “Amanda Attacks!” Live Feeds report below!

All the insanity with Amanda pretty much began with a last minute vote flip plan to get her evicted instead of Howard or Candice. Around 11:00 AM BBT on Thursday, Andy tells Aaryn that Jessie approached him at 4 AM to try to get him to flip his vote and says GinaMarie and Candice were in on this (but not Judd). He didn’t tell Amanda because he was afraid she would flip out.

Fast forward to after the eviction show and Amanda is well aware at this point of the vote flipping plan. It’s around 12:15 AM and Jessie is wildly upset that Helen chose Aaryn over her to participate in the BBQ Party she won during the Head of Household Competition. She cries in front of Amanda, Andy and McCrae about this. Amanda tells her to just bloody well go talk to Helen about it. Then, at about 12:30 AM BBT, that’s when things go all kinds of sideways and Amanda apparently decides she is going to go into full b*tch mode.

8-2-2013-10-05-32-AM12:30 AM BBT: Amanda gets into a spat with Jessie about her trying to flip the house for the eviction. Amanda confronts her about waking Andy up at 4 AM and asking if she should try to flip the vote. Jessie denies it. Amanda tells her not to lie to her face. Jessie says she asked Andy about what he thought and that was all. Jessie says she was just thinking about the power in the house. Amanda gets very screamy and tells Jessie she should just get in Elissa and Helen’s face and ask them why they didn’t invite her to the f**king BBQ — maybe because she was trying to flip the house on them! Amanda tells her not to sit there and act like a f**king little girl and cry about not being invited to a f**king BBQ when she was thinking about flipping the house on the person who won the party. Jessie says she wasn’t flipping the house on Helen or against Amanda. Amanda walks off and Jessie yells that the plan was brought to her, she didn’t make it. Amanda says that is BS and she should just go cry in a corner and have a little sh*t fit and hide under her sheets.

Amanda goes off into the kitchen and tells Helen, Candice and Elissa about her fight with Jessie. Elissa thinks Jessie is partially upset because Aaryn and Judd have been flirting. Helen is like, OMG, she can have the stupid third spot for the BBQ if she’s that crazy about it. Amanda tells Candice this is good for her to let Jessie just have a f**king meltdown. Candice says she doesn’t care if she is a target and yeah, she wanted Howard to stay and if it was Amanda and McCrae, Amanda would have done the same thing. Amanda says yes, she would have. Candice starts crying and says she loves Amanda but she cared about Howard and Amanda would have done the same in her place. She says she did not take the vote flip plan to Jessie, Jessie brought it to her. They go on about this for a bit until Andy and Judd come in.


12:35 AM BBT: This evolves into our next fight of the night, courtesy of Amanda and Candice.

12:45 AM BBT:
Candice says that Elissa, Amanda, McCrae and Helen are running the house and getting rid of all the pairings in the house. Candice says she can’t believe Howard would say something like that to Amanda. Elissa tells her that Amanda wouldn’t have any reason to make something like that up. (Except yes, she really did — she wanted him to get evicted, not her.) Andy says he didn’t hear what Howard said but that he did see him whispering to Amanda (of course he did) and that the body language was “super weird” and that it was a very odd encounter.Everyone is after Candice for trying to save Howard from eviction by getting Amanda voted out. Well of course, she pretty much says, Howard was her friend. Amanda goes for the ‘Howard told me he wanted to f*ck the sh*t out of her’ story again and we get fish. (Every time Amanda tells that story, the feeds cut to fish… very interesting.) A lot got said and it is way too much to type, so we encourage you to rewind to watch it all on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

8-2-2013-10-14-58-AMCandice starts to cry and wonders if they will tell her in Diary Room if Howard really said that to Amanda. She can’t imagine someone praying and reading the bible all the time and then saying that. She says Amanda is the female version of Jeremy. Helen says they keep trying to work with Candice but she won’t stop saying that she and Elissa have a final four deal with Amanda and McCrae and they don’t and it hurts their game.

At some point later on in the early morning, Amanda does go and apologize to Candice very briefly. But not to Jessie. In fact, she’s not done with Jessie yet.

1:55 AM BBT: Back to Jessie and Amanda and they are really going at it although we mostly don’t get to SEE the fight, only hear it. We have no idea what production was doing with the stupid cameras. Amanda is yelling at Jessie and calling her a slut and says she tries to steal other girls’ guys. Jessie is giving it right back and says she isn’t afraid of Amanda. She says she’s not the one who is always walking around in her underwear. Amanda says she should be afraid of her because she’s going to go home this week. (Amanda, you don’t control that honey…) They keep going for a while. Well worth a rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

2:00 AM BBT: Candice is still upset about what Amanda said about Howard. You can still hear Amanda and Jessie going at it in the backyard. Amanda is yelling that Jessie is acting like a psychopath. The cameras still won’t go to them. Aaryn goes up to the HoH and tells everyone that Amanda and Aaryn are still screaming. Candice says that Jessie told her she wasn’t giving her enough attention. She says she didn’t know they were supposed to be “bumping pu**ies” because she is “strickly d*ck!” Candice says Jessie has multiple personalities. Helen agrees she is nuts.

8-2-2013-10-18-27-AMThe evening continues with quite a bit more discussion about the various fights, eventually fast forwarding to McCrae and Amanda in bed in the HoH room around 5:00 AM (thanks to GinaMarie) and they have their own little b*tchy argument about Amanda’s behavior. McCrae basically tells her she needs to stop attacking people and taking things to the personal level or she is going to be out of there way before he is. Then they make out. A lot.

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