Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 5 Thursday Live Feeds Report

Last night’s CBS Big Brother 15 eviction was a sad but predictable end to a week full of high drama inside the house. We’ve reached the midpoint of the season and the HouseGuests are starting to experience game fatigue and it shows. Everyone has been at each other’s throats this week and the catfights just kept going after the eviction and Head of Household Competition this week.


Although we wish the endurance comp had lasted longer because they are so entertaining to watch on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds, it was a blast watching the players battle it out for the win last night. There was a lot of cursing, panting, and groaning during the challenge and a lot of angry faces on the Big Brother 15 cast members who didn’t make it to the end. When it finally came down to the last two competitors, the last bit of the competition was a total riot to watch. That was nothing, however, compared to the pure delight of insane drama that happened afterward.

Find out what happened inside the Big Brother house before the live eviction yesterday and read up on all the nasty fights breaking out all over after the HoH Competition in our Thursday Live Feeds report!

WARNING: The following post contains Big Brother 2013 spoilers on game play, competition results, alliances, showmances and other information not yet aired on the CBS network prime time show. Please click away now if you don’t want to know!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 5 Thursday Report — August 1, 2013

10:10 AM BBT: Helen and Judd are stirring in the house. Helen jogs around inside because the HouseGuests are on inside lockdown. Judd makes something to eat in the kitchen.

8-1-2013-01-43-58-PM10:25 AM BBT: Howard prays about the upcoming eviction, hoping somehow he and Candice will be saved.

10:30 AM BBT: Judd and Helen talk about how they aren’t allowed to directly tell someone they are definitely going to be evicted. Production hates that and cuts the feeds until they stop. Helen and Judd talk about random stuff, including Aaryn trying to explain how she didn’t really flip Candice’s mattress in an angry way, just kind of propped it up against the wall.

11:00 AM BBT: Andy tells Aaryn that Jessie approached him to vote against Amanda with GinaMarie and Spencer but Judd wasn’t involved. Andy says he won’t vote against Amanda because McCrae, Amanda and Judd have done nothing to abuse his trust. He didn’t tell Amanda about the plan because he was afraid she would freak out. Aaryn says it is not okay how Jessie keeps flipping her loyalties.

11:15 AM BBT: Howard tells Candice she needs to campaign with Andy, Aaryn and Jessie to try to get them to flip their votes to Amanda. However, he seems to know it is a long chance because he says he’s already gone this week. Candice is afraid Howard has been working behind her back with Spencer and Spencer may be trying to get her out because of their confrontation.

8-1-2013 07-06-37 PM

11:20 AM BBT: The Big Brother Live Feeds go to fish and then trivia as the HouseGuests prepare for the live eviction show. This is the longest they’ve been out before a show before. We have no idea why.

7:05 PM BBT: The Live Feeds return after the CBS Big Brother 15 eviction show and the HouseGuests are in the middle of the Head of Household endurance competition. You can read a full recap of that here.

7:58 PM BBT: GinaMarie is the last hamster standing and she wins HoH. She promised all sorts of crazy things to McCrae — her last rival — to get him to step down off the block. She promised him he could have her HoH room with Amanda, she promised she would give him one of her eviction nominations, she promised him the world. But he wouldn’t take any of it and fell off with no deal. So she doesn’t have to give him a thing.

8-1-2013 08-02-40 PM

8:25 PM BBT: During the HoH Competition, the first three people who failed got a box to open. Candice won $5,000 and Helen got a BBQ Party for herself and three others. She picks Aaryn, Elissa and GinaMarie but GM declines and they decide to have a contest later for that spot. Spencer got a megaphone. He can’t talk without using it until the nominations are announced. GM tells McCrae that he and Amanda can have the HoH room for their honeymoon. Apparently they are going to have a bigger wedding this week sometime although they already had a semi-wedding with silly vows previously. Amanda is excited that they will get liquor for the wedding.

8:45 PM BBT: McCrae thinks Judd will win the Most Valuable Player this week and that he might put Jessie up on the block. Amanda asks him why he was trying to get the other players to leave while he and GinaMarie were the last ones in the HoH Competition. He says he was going to offer GM a final 2 deal but that he wouldn’t have stuck with it. Amanda says she trusts Aaryn and that she thinks GM will not put them up. McCrae says he hopes she doesn’t backdoor one of them and they have to keep on top of her.

8:50 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Judd that she is going to try to get GinaMarie to put up Spencer and Candice for eviction. (That would be really boring.)

8-1-2013 08-05-20 PM9:05 PM BBT: GinaMarie tells Aaryn that she will put up Candice and Spencer. She says that Spencer voted Nick out and he can kiss her a@@. She says she doesn’t like rats and the same goes for Candice. If one of them wins the Power of Veto Competition, she will replace them with Jessie. (Oh goody, so boring.) GM says that Candice and Howard came to her very late at night to try to get her to flip her vote against Amanda. GM really wants Candice out this week. She says Candice told her Helen and Elissa are trying to get Aaryn out soon but that she was like, whatever, you are out of your mind. She says she f**king hates Candice.

Aaryn says to tell this to Helen and Elissa because it will make them want to get Candice out more. Ninja Andy appears. Aaryn says maybe they should put up Jessie and Candice because Jessie would probably win PoV and Spencer wouldn’t, so that gives Candice less of a chance to win PoV. Then if Jessie comes down, Spencer can go up as a pawn. Aaryn says she should tell Spencer he is not going up for the first nominations if he does not put GM and Aaryn up next week.

9:20 PM BBT: Andy reports everything back to Helen, including that GM is after Candice. Helen says she wants Jessie out and they are the ones voting, right?

9:50 PM BBT: Jessie asks GM if she is going to backdoor Candice. GM says she will not backdoor anyone because she does not like that kind of game play. GM starts talking about Nick and their “connection” and we tune out.

10:10 PM BBT: Amanda continues to freak out just like the whole last week because she thinks GinaMarie might nominate her and McCrae. (GinaMarie SHOULD nominate both of them because otherwise they are going to win this damn game but she won’t.) But McCrae is like, chill out drama queen.

10:15 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Amanda and McCrae that GM plans to probably nominate Candice and Jessie because she thinks Candice is less likely to win the PoV against Jessie than against Spencer. (In other words, Spencer is too lame to win.) The target is Candice.

10:50 PM BBT: GinaMarie tells Candice she knows how she feels about losing Howard because of losing Nick. She says she is happy Candice won the money and it is okay for her to be sad because Howard was a great guy. She says if Candice doesn’t want to stay long at her HoH room unveiling, that is okay. They hug it out.

11:30 PM BBT: Judd is worried that Jessie doesn’t want to sleep in the same bed as him and is sleeping with Andy. Judd is concerned that Candice may be telling Jessie he would put her up if he won HoH. Amanda tells him that she thought Jessie was flirting with him earlier and everything is fine.

11:35 PM BBT: GinaMarie’s Head of Household room is ready and everyone goes up to see. She has a pageant crown and tells everyone she tried for seven years before she won one because she used to be fat and have braces. She freaks out because she gets a picture of her and Nick.

8-2-2013-10-05-32-AM12:15 AM BBT: Jessie is mad that Helen chose Aaryn to join her for the BBQ Party she won instead of picking her. She feels like she is the lowest person on the totem poll now and cries to McCrae. She says she almost won HoH and no one even gives a sh*t about her. Jessie asked Helen directly if she could do it but Helen picked Aaryn. Amanda says she should just go talk to Aaryn. Andy says yeah, Helen is a straight shooter and will tell her what’s up. Amanda and Andy go to find the liquor. He says he is going to give his share to the former Have Nots. Left alone with McCrae, Jessie starts crying.

12:20 AM BBT: Aaryn says they have to get Jessie up. She told Spencer that they will keep him off the block if he doesn’t put them up next week if he wins HoH. Aaryn says Jessie is downstairs flipping out. She’s afraid Candice might win the veto and that will screw everything. Aaryn says if she wins veto they will have to blindside Jessie. Aaryn says that McCrae, Amanda and Amanda all want Jessie and Candice to go up. GM says she will put them up.

8-2-2013 10-13-21 AM12:30 AM BBT: Amanda gets into a very nasty spat with Jessie about her trying to flip the house for the eviction. Read all about that and her fight with Candice, which comes right after, in our special “Amanda Attacks” report here.

1:00 AM BBT: Aaryn, Helen, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae talk in the HoH. Amanda says Jessie was the one who went to Candice about trying to flip the vote against her, not the other way around. Judd says that Jessie told him stuff that surprised him last week. Aaryn tells Judd that Jessie said he should sleep with Aaryn tonight and she was in the bed with Spencer under the covers. Helen says they will get Jessie out.

Judd asks GinaMarie if she would put up Jessie and she says she could do that. He says he would support her 100 percent in whatever she decides to do but he would appreciate her putting up Jessie and owe her for it. He says any partnership he had with Jessie is over. GM talks about how Jessie went from guy to guy trying to latch on to someone. Amanda says she is going to tell Jessie she is out of here. Aaryn says no, don’t tell her, wait until she’s evicted.

Amanda goes down and apologizes to Candice. Then she goes and tells Spencer he is not going on the block this week. Aaryn goes down and talks to Candice and says she feels threatened because Candice was saying that she had said racist things. She says it freaked her out to hear she was calling her a racist because it is on national TV and she never meant anything derogatory. She says if she ever says anything that upsets Candice, she should just tell her. She leaves. Helen talks about how even with all the racial slurs, Howard kept voting with Aaryn.

1:40 AM BBT: Amanda says she has earned enough money in the house to get breast implants. (She does NOT need them.) GinaMarie, Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn talk about money and how if they get to Jury they will get 13 grand for it. They talk about having bachelor and bachelorette parties for their Big Brother wedding.

1:55 AM BBT: Back to Jessie and Amanda and their continuing fight.

8-2-2013-10-16-19-AM2:00 AM BBT: Candice is still upset about what Amanda said about Howard. You can still hear Amanda and Jessie going at it in the backyard. Amanda is yelling that Jessie is acting like a psychopath. The cameras still won’t go to them. Aaryn goes up to the HoH and tells everyone that Amanda and Aaryn are still screaming. Candice says that Jessie told her she wasn’t giving her enough attention. She says she didn’t know they were supposed to be “bumping pu**ies” because she is “strickly d*ck!” Candice says Jessie has multiple personalities. Helen agrees she is nuts.

2:45 AM BBT: Elissa claims that Andy tripped her when he fell off during the Head of Household Competition and it wasn’t fair because they weren’t allowed to touch each other.

2:50 AM BBT: Andy calls Amanda a bully for the way she is attacking other people.

3:10 AM BBT: McCrae is pissed off at Amanda and the way she is acting. He tells her she is screwing them up with all these attacks. He says it is a stupid way to play the game and that she will have to go before he does if she keeps it up.

3:20 AM BBT: Aaryn pushes GinaMarie that Candice is the one that needs to go this week because she is smart and Jessie is stupid. GM says that Jessie saying that Amanda had a boyfriend back home was a low blow. Amanda says it was barely a relationship and she only said she had a boyfriend to seem less of a threat to the other girls.

3:35 AM BBT: The girls randomly jump on and hump each other.

3:45 AM BBT: Aaryn says that Candice is the main target for eviction this week but that Jessie needs to go next week. (What happened to everyone saying it need to be Judd? Or Spencer before that? Enemy number two appears to have switched around a lot.)

4:05 AM BBT: McCrae talks to Judd about Amanda acting out and how to deal with the mess. Judd thinks McCrae is getting too worked up about it and shouldn’t worry so much.

8-2-2013-10-18-27-AM5:00 AM BBT: Amanda and McCrae spend the night in the Head of Household room for their Big Brother wedding ‘honeymoon’ thanks to GinaMarie. So she did still give him that perk. Of course, GM did say at the HoH Competition that she preferred to sleep where she and Nick had once cuddled. (That girls needs therapy.) McCrae chastises Amanda again for going off on people. Amanda says that he needs to grow a pair and that it is not okay Jessie saying she is using him. McCrae says it is no skin off his a@@. He says she needs to let go of the personal stuff. She says she wants to rip Jessie’s f**king face off and she is done with this conversation. They spat some more, the Live Feeds cut briefly and then when they come back, McCrae and Amanda are making out all hot and heavy.

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