Wednesday was an absolutely crazy day for Big Brother 15! We had an action-packed CBS show with Power of Veto Competition results, a live eviction and a Head of Household Competition. This was followed up on the Big Brother Live Feeds by the reveal of the new HoH’s eviction nominations and the results of a second — and final — Veto Competition.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Wednesday Live Feeds  (2)

We’re now down to the final four on Big Brother 2013 and after tonight’s live eviction, it will be down to just three remaining HouseGuests to battle it out in the three-stage final Head of Household Competition. Either Andy Herren, Spencer Clawson, McCrae Olson or GinaMarie Zimmerman will walk away as the Big Brother 15 winner next week and take home half a million dollars.

Catch up on the latest Big Brother spoilers in our latest report from the Big Brother Live Feeds before the eviction show tonight and find out which HouseGuest is probably headed to the Jury House this evening!

9:00 PM BBT: After being off for a day and a half to hide the results of the surprise eviction, the Live Feeds finally return. Everyone is anxiously watching to find out who the new HoH, Andy, has put up for eviction and who — if anyone — has won the Power of Veto. There was some confusion on whether the PoV had happened yet or not.

9:05 PM BBT: We settle in for a long wait with the HouseGuests talking about nothing interesting, and very often, absolutely nothing at all. Andy is in the Diary Room for a very long time. GinaMarie, Spencer and McCrae are so boring it makes us cry because we’re hungry and want to eat and go to sleep after 16 hours of straight Big Brother coverage.

9:10 PM BBT: The HouseGuests do shoutouts to people by name, which results in production constantly turning the Live Feeds on and off. GinaMarie is making bracelets. She gives a shoutout to Nick and says she’ll see him next week. Spencer jokes that Nick should do his stretches to prepare.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Wednesday Live Feeds  (6)9:30 PM BBT: Finally we get a glimpse of the Memory wall and see that GinaMarie’s key is in the wall but Spencer and McCrae’s keys are missing. We assume this means Andy has nominated McCrae and Spencer for eviction. This is confirmed later. The Power of Veto is also hanging on the wall, so we assume the PoV has already taken place. We also see a prop from what must be the Veto Competition — a strange round thing with Nick’s head on the body of a fly. This is also confirmed later.

9:35 PM BBT: The HouseGuests do some smack talking AGAIN about Elissa. Spencer and Andy insult the Brenchel Army. Spencer makes a snarky comment about how all the proceeds from Elissa’s website go to “the Hitler youth.” Spencer likes referring to Nazis, he has done it repeatedly. They also make nasty comments about other HouseGuests, including talking about Howard and Candice making a porn movie. Spencer talks about when Tori Spelling visited the house last season and says she is a “monster” and the “only work she can get is haunting f**king houses.”

Production seems as bored as we are and gives the HouseGuests three beers. GinaMarie whines that she didn’t get a beer but she is joking because she doesn’t drink.

10:05 PM BBT: Finally we get a tiny bit of game talk as McCrae tells Spencer he is probably going home. This confirms McCrae is on the block. Spencer says Andy isn’t talking about what he’s thinking and we get from this that Andy has won the Power of Veto in addition to being the new Head of Household. McCrae talks about how good GinaMarie was at “skating” so we know some sort of skating was involved in the Veto Competition. McCrae says again that he thinks he is getting evicted.

10:20 PM BBT: The Exterminators talk about when to tell McCrae that he is going to get evicted. Andy says “we’ll tell him later tonight.” Spencer says McCrae already feels like he is going to get the boot. GinaMarie leaves. Spencer and Andy pretend they are GinaMarie killing it at skating.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Wednesday Live Feeds  (8)10:30 PM BBT: The HouseGuests gather around their now smaller table to play cards.

11:00 PM BBT: Despite saying earlier that he would tell McCrae he was going to go out, Andy tells him that he doesn’t know what he is going to do.

11:40 PM BBT: Spencer and Andy talk about being in the final two together. Spencer says Andy would beat him. Andy says he doesn’t know about that because he hasn’t done that much. Spencer says the best thing he did in the competition was to hook up with Andy. Andy says out loud, finally, that he won the Veto and wonders if his family knows.

12:05 AM BBT: Spencer tells GinaMarie that if she were to pick Andy to go to the final two with, it would be a half million dollar mistake. GinaMarie and Spencer make a final two deal because neither of them think that they can beat Andy if they end up in the final two with him.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Wednesday Live Feeds  (1)2:00 AM BBT: Spencer and McCrae talk about Amanda. Spencer says he thinks she was the best player in the house. McCrae says he thinks so too kind of but he doesn’t know what it will seem like when he watches it all back. McCrae says Amanda totally changed his game and he ended up not playing like he wanted to. He says he wanted to play more like Amanda did.

Spencer complains about being on the block for half the summer. McCrae says he played a good game because he knew how to act when he was on the block and not to freak out. Spencer says you have to know your role in the game. McCrae says Jessie didn’t know her role and that screwed her up. Spencer says he left an ugly goodbye message for Amanda and now he regrets it. McCrae says that Amanda told him to stick with Spencer and Andy when she was evicted. He wishes she had gone out a week earlier so he would have had more time to work the game without her. McCrae says he “felt crippled after she left… I was like f**k now what.”

Spencer tells Andy that he has no idea where Andy’s head is at. McCrae says it bugs him that Andy said they would talk but they never did. Spencer tells him to just think positive. They talk about who would be picked for All Stars from this season. (No one!) McCrae thinks it would be Amanda. Spencer thinks it would be Andy, Amanda and McCrae.

McCrae tells Spencer to push Andy tomorrow that GinaMarie will beat him if they get to the final two together. He wants Spencer to convince Andy that he would have a better chance up against McCrae. Spencer says he will try to talk to him.

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