Were the spoilers true about who got voted off Big Brother 15 tonight in the surprise eviction taped on Tuesday? We are always wary of spoilers from off camera that we can’t totally confirm as coming from a reliable source. However, we were pretty sure we knew who would be headed out the door regardless. The HouseGuest who was evicted on Big Brother tonight was exactly who we expected it would be based on our own observations from the Live Feeds over the past few days.


Both of the HouseGuests on the eviction block going into the surprise eviction had been told by everyone else in the house that they were safe. Only one of them was being told the truth. While the two people holding the only votes this week (unless there was a tie-breaker needed) argued back and forth a bit about who should be evicted, the inevitable answer seemed clear. Andy Herren kept saying he would try to tell the real target they were getting the boot before the actual eviction but production really doesn’t like it when they do that. So it was very possible it would end up being a total blindside.

Ready to find out who was voted off Big Brother 15 tonight and will join Elissa Slater, Amanda Zuckerman, Aaryn Gries, Helen Kim, Jessie Kowalski and Candice Stewart in the Jury House? Just keep on scrolling past our SPOILER ALERT! banner below for the official results!

Live voting results:

Andy votes to evict Judd
McCrae votes to evict Judd

Judd has been evicted and will go to the Jury House.

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