* UPDATE: These spoilers have now been officially confirmed and are accurate!!!

Warning! This post contains unconfirmed Big Brother spoilers for the surprise eviction that took place on Tuesday and will not air until tonight on CBS. Please note that the results contained in this Big Brother 15 spoilers post are not official and not guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate. However, the leak allegedly originates from a CBS guest who was part of the audience for Tuesday’s surprise eviction.


In preparation for the eviction on Tuesday, the Big Brother Live Feeds went dark yesterday and won’t come back up until after Wednesday night’s special show. CBS obviously didn’t want the spoilers to get out about who was evicted. Big Brother After Dark showed junk footage from the morning and didn’t give us any new info either. Even so, we were pretty sure who would be getting the boot in the surprise eviction.

Of course, it’s very difficult for any network to keep leaks from happening about reality TV show results, especially if there is a live audience involved. Although the “fans” present for the surprise eviction were — according to rumors — CBS plants for the most part, the results allegedly got out anyway. If you’re ready to find out who was reportedly voted out on Tuesday and we’ll see go to Jury house tonight, keep on scrolling past our SPOILER ALERT! banner below.


The unconfirmed Big Brother spoilers on the fast forward eviction last night match what we anticipated would happen based on information from the Live Feeds before they were cut off. Judd and GinaMarie were on the block after McCrae used the Power of Veto to save himself. That left only McCrae and Andy with votes to determine which one would be evicted. The Exterminators alliance, minus Judd, had basically settled on a plan to vote out Judd — and McCrae seemed to be on board despite being paranoid about GinaMarie possibly winning the next Head of Household.

According to the the alleged leak from a member of the surprise eviction audience, Andy and McCrae both kept to this plan and voted to evict Judd. With Judd off to the Jury House, that leaves GinaMarie, Andy, Spencer and McCrae as the Final Four HouseGuests of Big Brother 2013We also hear that after the events yesterday, it was revealed that the Live Feeds would go back up at 9PM ET on Wednesday and that the series has been renewed for Big Brother 16.

Next up? Why, it’s the spoilers on the new Head of Household Competition winner! If you just can’t wait to find out, you can click on over here for those reported results. And don’t forget, we’ll bring you the official results of the vote and the HoH Comp in our live Big Brother recap starting at 8PM ET below!

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