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For our Big Brother 15 recap tonight, we won’t have the usual old show we normally watch on Wednesday nights. Instead, we’ll be gifted with a special surprise eviction and Head of Household Competition episode taped yesterday while the Big Brother Live Feeds were blacked out. It’s going to be a wild night ahead and at the end — only four HouseGuests will remain to compete for the Big Brother 2013 half million dollar prize!

We heard plenty of rumors and leaks about the results of the surprise eviction and HoH Competition airing tonight on the CBS Big Brother 15 show. We always take such things with a huge boatload of salt. Often they are deliberate fake leaks just to stir up publicity. Or they are some fan out there just having fun by pretending to be a source who was an actual witness. You never know if these kinds of Big Brother spoilers are really true or not until we have the official reveal.

Thankfully, on Big Brother tonight we’ll finally find out if the spoilers are true about who was evicted and which of the Final Four HouseGuests won the HoH Competition. Join us for our live Big Brother recap of the week 11 special surprise eviction show starting right here on this very page at 8PM ET and find out with us what happened!

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Welcome everyone to tonight’s Big Brother 15 recap! We are only one week away from crowning the Big Brother 2013 winner!

9-11-2013 05-02-11 PMWe kick off tonight as usual with a mini-recap of the events seen on the last CBS show before launching into tonight’s special surprise eviction episode. We’re anxious to see what’s going to happen since we’ve been without Live Feeds since Tuesday morning! Talk about serious Big Brother withdrawals! Will the rumors be true about who got evicted and who won the Head of Household Competition and a guaranteed spot in the Final Three? Hop on the ride and let’s find out!

Tonight, can McCrae outplay the other HouseGuests to win the Power of Veto and save himself? Plus, say hello again to last year’s winner, Ian Terry!

Host Julie Chen says “only a pizza delivery boy” stands between The Exterminators and the Final Four. And that’s the lead in for the action to resume after the eviction nominations shown on Sunday night. McCrae and GinaMarie are on the block. McCrae wants to win the Veto and throw it in everyone’s face so he can end up laughing at the end of the day.

9-11-2013 05-02-33 PMGinaMarie and McCrae are tied together as a punishment from the Head of Household Competition. GinaMarie is trying to lay it on thick that she is the target this week so maybe he will be off his guard during the Power of Veto Competition and lose. Spencer says GM might be going a bit too far with her acting.

Spencer, Andy and Judd talk about GinaMarie being safe as long as McCrae doesn’t win the Power of Veto. Spencer tells Judd that if McCrae does win the PoV, he will go up as the replacement nominee. Judd is worried that Spencer isn’t even considering putting Andy on the block.

A military voice yells for Judd that he has to do 75 situps as part of his punishment from the Head of Household Competition. Judd is very happy when that is over. GM drags McCrae around with their rope tied together when she has to go to the bathroom. She has to sit outside the shower while he bathes. They are also very happy when they are finally released.

Now that McCrae is free, Spencer and Andy talk to him in the HoH and tell him he has nothing to worry about. Spencer says in Diary Room that they are lying through their teeth but if he wins PoV they have to hedge their bets to make sure he works with them going forward. Spencer says that if McCrae wins PoV, Judd will go up and he will get voted out. In Diary Room, McCrae says he doesn’t trust anyone and he has to win the PoV.

9-11-2013 05-16-29 PMTime for the Power of Veto Competition and it’s a superhero theme with tiny buildings and cars and all the HouseGuests dressed in capes and bodysuits. Out of the sky drops Ian Terry, winner of Big Brother 14. GinaMarie says Ian is looking pretty good ladies! The HouseGuests have to fly back and forth to put up puzzle pieces on a magnetic board. If their timer between putting up pieces runs out, all their puzzle will fall and they will have to start over.

Looks like The Exterminators are in trouble now because McCrae ends up as the winner of the Power of Veto. That will put two of the alliance members up on the block and one of them will get evicted. Meanwhile, GinaMarie has apparently injured herself again and says she needs stitches.

Spencer and GinaMarie are pissed off that Judd quit in the middle of the Power of Veto Competition. Spencer assures GM that he has her back. She is crying, although part of that is probably just from pain. Then Spencer turns right around and tells Judd that he has his back but there is no way he can’t put up Judd as the replacement nominee. In Diary Room, Judd says he can’t understand why Spencer won’t put up Andy when Andy just put him up a few weeks ago.

Judd is freaking out and he goes in the kitchen and throws things on the floor and then stomps around the house. In Diary Room he says he is so pissed off he is feeling like he’s on the edge. He flips a bird to the cameras. He throws something in the kitchen again. In Diary Room, Andy says Judd may just need to be the first Exterminator to be exterminated.

9-11-2013 05-32-47 PMTime for the Power of Veto Ceremony and McCrae, of course, uses the PoV to save himself from the block. Spencer, as promised, puts up Judd as the replacement nominee. Before the Veto Meeting is over, however, Judd steps up and says he has something to say.

Judd says that McCrae lied to him and was the root of why he left. He says when he came back into the game he was after McCrae and he is still after him. He promises GM, Spencer and Andy that if they keep him, he will be after McCrae, not any of them. It’s a terribly ploy and he sounds like a dork. GinaMarie laughs at Judd in the Diary Room. McCrae also laughs in Diary Room. Andy also thinks Judd was an idiot. (BTW, CBS doesn’t show this but the whole Judd ‘speech’ and outburst were planned and Judd told McCrae he was going to do it.)

For final please, GinaMarie gives a shout out to her friends and family. She tells the other HGS that she always tries her best and she hopes they will keep her. Judd says hello to all his family, friends and supporters. He says if they keep him here that he guarantees Spencer and Andy will be in the final three and he will tell them how later. He says they should vote for him to stay!

Now it’s time for the live voting results:

Andy votes to evict Judd
McCrae votes to evict Judd

Judd has been evicted and will go to the Jury House.

Host Julie Chen announces the results and Judd gives hugs all around. He barely even waits for the announcement before he stands up. He pretty much knew he was going. He whispers something to McCrae but we missed it. Then he says something about Spencer and Andy and keeping them around but it is hard to understand him.

Julie asks what Judd whispered to McCrae before he left. He said he left McCrae a message with a coin in the Bible but it was just for support, not a game play thing. He also said when he left that he said he was voting for Spencer and Andy. He says it was reverse psychology and he wants McCrae and GinaMarie to go after them. He says he wants GinaMarie to win because she’s an awesome game player and a great girl. Judd talks about how hard it was to work with Elissa who was always changing her mind. He says that GM is injured and the others probably thought she would be easier to beat.

In the goodbye messages, GM says Judd is a stud and she loves him buddy. Spencer says he hates that Judd had to go and it’s not what he wanted. McCrae says he wanted to keep Judd but Andy and Spencer didn’t. Andy is crying in his and he says being an Exterminator is his proudest moment in the game and that Judd is amazing. Judd says he never saw a guy cry so much as Andy and laughs.

9-11-2013 05-51-47 PMNow we move on to the Head of Household Competition and it is a before or after challenge. The HouseGuests have to answer questions about the sequence of events inside the house.

Round 1: Everyone is correct
Round 2: Only GinaMarie gets it right
Round 3: Everyone gets it right
Round 4: Everyone gets it right
Round 5: Everyone gets it right
Round 6: McCrae is the only one who gets it right. McCrae and GM are tied.
Round 7: Andy is the only one who gets it right. Three way tie. The answer will be a number.
Round 8: Andy gets the closest answer and he is the new Head of Household!

Your Final Four for Big Brother 2013 are Andy, GinaMarie, McCrae and Spencer. As the new HoH, Andy is guaranteed to be able to play in the final HoH Competition as part of the Final Three.

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