Big Brother 15 Week 11 Sunday Live Feeds (8)* UPDATE: These spoilers have now been officially confirmed and are accurate!!!

On Tuesday, a special Big Brother 15 surprise eviction and Head of Household Competition were taped to be aired on Wednesday night’s CBS show. We’ve already revealed the unconfirmed Big Brother spoilers on who was evicted, and now we have the reported results of the HoH Comp to share with you. Whichever HouseGuest managed to win the HoH yesterday was guaranteed a spot in the Final Three, so you know it was a fierce competition!

The surprise eviction on Tuesday was unfortunately kept in the dark even from those watching the Big Brother Live Feeds. There were also no spoilers on Big Brother After Dark, since the show last night just aired previously recorded footage from the morning. That is pretty standard practice for this particular time in the Big Brother cycle, so we weren’t offended. Plus, we know how hard it is for the network to keep the leaks at baby, so we figured we’d have spoilers come out pretty quickly.

And voila! If you’re ready to find out won Big Brother HoH yesterday (allegedly) and will be safe in the second eviction this week on Thursday night, just keep on scrolling down below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below!


We’re happy to say we now have an unconfirmed but strong leak about who the next HoH is going into the final week of Big Brother 2013. This person will automatically be in the Final Three players, along with whichever HouseGuest wins the Power of Veto this week. The Power of Veto holder will have the exclusive ability to decide which remaining competitor will join the Final Three and who will be evicted in fourth place.

According to Big Brother 15 spoilers allegedly leaked by an audience member present for yesterday’s events, the winner of the Head of Household Competition was none other than Andy Herren. That’s right, the rat fink who has backstabbed pretty much every person he’s been close with in the house will reportedly be part of the Final Three.

Now, of course, these spoilers are not the OFFICIAL results, so always take alleged leaks like this with a grain of salt. We will bring you the official, confirmed results on who won Big Brother Head of Household in our live recap starting at 8PM ET at the link below!

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