Big Brother 15: Spencer’s Head of Household Blog and Photos

Big Brother 15 Spencer Clawson Head of Household Photos (7)Before we get to all the high drama of the Big Brother 15 surprise eviction show and Head of Household Competition tonight, we thought we’d take a break for a bit of silliness. Mostly because we want to make fun of how incredibly boring Spencer Clawson’s Head of Household photos and blog are.

You’d think if you waited all season to be something more than a floater and finally won HoH, you’d be a little more interesting in celebrating your win.

Spencer started off his Head of Household blog with way too many exclamation marks as he proclaimed how hard it was for him to “grasp the idea that I’m HoH!” Believe us, we’re shocked at hell ourselves that he actually managed to win a competition.

“I never would’ve thought I’d ever get on Big Brother, much less be HoH going into the final four!” Spencer writes in his HoH blog. Buddy, there is no one as surprised as the people watching the show that you made it this far.

Proving that he at least as a few brain cells, Spencer details that he is “terrified” at this stage of the game. He whines that it is “emotionally draining to be on the block 7 times” and that it is hard to make friends and be likeable when you are constantly up for eviction. He says that all things considered, he wouldn’t change how he has played the game, even the bad days, because obviously it got him to the Final Four.

Spencer says the best day in the house for him was when The Exterminators “pulled, as I see it, the biggest move so far in the game” by getting both Amanda and Elissa evicted and then he followed that up by winning Head of Household. He also says that “winning $10,000 in a chicken suit is as fun as you guess it to be.”

You can read the rest of Spencer’s Head of Household blog over at and check out his rather tepid HoH photos below (courtesy of CBS). Just click to get a bigger pic!


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