Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 17 Highlights: A Swaggy Backdoor Planned

Kaitlyn Herman is making sure to use her Big Brother 20 Head of Household power to manipulate and lie as much as possible. No one can say that she isn’t playing the game. With a touch of HOH-Itis, Kaitlyn spent the day devising a plan to betray one of her Big Brother 2018 alliances. We just aren’t sure which one.

Big Brother 20-Kaitlyn Herman

She told the Sacred 6/F.O.U.T.T.E that her plan was to get Winston Hines out of the game. If not him, Angela Rummans. She told Level 6 that her plan was to backdoor Chris “Swaggy C” Williams. We won’t kow Kaitlyn’s true intentions until after tonight’s Power of Veto competition.

Following nominations, Scottie Salton and Winston had different reactions to being on the block. Scottie has been a little upset at the bros, Brett Robinson and Winston, because of the Steve Arienta blindsside eviction.

They promised Steve their vote, and then betrayed him. If Scottie wins the Veto, he sees tonight’s Power of Veto competition as a chance for payback. He didn’t like being nominated, but was pumped to try to win the Veto.

Winston’s paranoia kicked into high gear being on the block. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn was loving her Head of Household power, especially because Faysal Shafaat started to give her more attention.

Big Brother 20-Kaitlyn Herman and Faysal Shafatt under covers

He even confessed that he had feelings for her when he entered the game, but once he found out she had a boyfriend, he backed off. We don’t know if this a true confession or just part of the game.

Today, the App store opened again. No one confessed to having the power or their power pick. However,  Rachel Swindler got the Crap App. She picked Yell, which involves a heckler.

Overall, it was a relatively quiet Friday night of Big Brother Live Feeds. Today should be more eventful with the Power of Veto playing out.

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