Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Week 2 Power of Veto Competition Results (07/07/18)

Last week’s Big Brother 20 week 1 Power of Veto competition included snakes, shock collars, and disgusting drinks. That was an iconic competition, so it will be hard for the Big Brother producers to top that one. However, there is a lot of potential excitement and drama to that come with today’s Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother Power of Veto

Current Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman wants to play both sides. This week, that’s not possible. Kaitlyn must pick a side by either using the Power of Veto or not using it.

If whoever wins this week’s Big Brother 20 Power of Veto uses it, then Kaitlyn must nominate Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, and piss off F.O.U.T.T.E, or she must nominate Angela Rummans and piss off Level 6.

Even if Kaitlyn doesn’t use the Veto, she’ll anger one side of the house. If she doesn’t use it, or convincing someone not to use it, then Scottie Salton and Winston Hines are both in danger of eviction. Scottie might be more in danger because Level 6 has more players on their side (at the moment).

So we can see Kaitlyn upsetting F.O.U.T.T.E with this betrayal, and upsetting Winston’s side for not sticking to the plan to backdoor Swaggy. By the ennd of the week, Kaitlyn will definitely be on the radar of more players.

So who won this week’s Big Brother 20 Power of Veto? Read below to find out.



After over four hours, the feeds returned to reveal that Tyler Crispen won the Power of Veto. We’ll see Monday if the plan goes through to backdoor Swaggy C.

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