Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 20 Highlights: The Kaitlyn Show

This week in Big Brother 20, it’s all about Kaitlyn Herman. When she’s not trying to win a Daytime Emmy Award, she’s betraying her alliance, trying to get in a showmance with three guys, and patting herself on the back for her “big” game moves. The life-coach had her grand finale inside the Big Brother 2018 on yesterday. It involved backdooring Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.

Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn Herman and Faysal Shafaat

All week, Kaitlyn made it clear that she wanted to backdoor Swaggy for betraying her. Tyler Crispen told Kaitlyn how Swaggy had said things behind her back, like calling her a liability, and saying that she was at the bottom of his alliance.

Following this week’s Big Brother Power of Veto ceremony, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, Bayleigh Dayton, Swaggy C, and Faysal Shafaat felt the weight of this blindside the most.  They took awhile to speak to Kaitlyn. Eventually Bayleigh talked some sense into her group, and told them to calm down, and then speak to Kaitlyn.

Rockstar told Kaitlyn her concerns about switching sides. She said that there was no way the bros would protect her in the game. Rockstar told Kaitlyn that Tyler and Winston were her targets. Later, Rockstar finds out that someone told Tyler about her targeting him, and she assumes it was Kaitlyn, but she denies it.

Big Brother 20 Chris Swaggy C Williams

In her talk with Swaggy, he really tried to play on Kaitlyn’s emotions: he brings up his life outside of the game, and his developing romance with Bayleigh. It seemed to work on Kaitlyn, but Tyler was also in the room. Once Swaggy left, he talked Kaitlyn back into voting out Swaggy.

During the Faysal and Katlyn, Kaitlyn confessed everything to him. She told him about her flipping her vote, and about Sam Bledsoe having the first power. This seemed to reestablish their bond.

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