Big Brother 2014: CBS Announces Big Brother 16 Next Summer

Big BrotherAwesome news! CBS has announced there will be a Big Brother 16 next summer. We aren’t really shocked but there were some fans wondering if the network might ditch the show after all the racism controversy this season. With Big Brother ratings up a whopping 11 percent over last year, however, we were pretty confident the show wasn’t going to be cancelled any time soon.

CBS reportedly made the Big Brother renewed announcement at the 500th episode party, which actually took place right after the 501st episode. The network released the official notice today about picking up the show for Big Brother 2014. The show originally premiered in 2000 and has now been going strong for 12 years. Let’s hope next season is a lucky 13th year with an awesome cast that will blow BB15 out of the water.

Sadly, we do have to report that Big Brother After Dark will NOT be moving back to Showtime 2 where we loved it way, way more. Nope, it looks like the censorship and bleeping will continue next year with BBAD returning to the newly CBS owned TVGN. We can’t say we’re surprised. There is nothing else on that channel worth watching, so CBS isn’t about to take away the only real content they just put on it after buying the thing.

We will, of course, bring you all the details about Big Brother 2014 as they are announced, including how to apply, casting calls, spoilers and news right here at your (hopefully) favorite Big Brother fan site. So be sure to hook up with us on Facebook and Twitter below to keep up to date on all the latest all year long!

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