Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

The Big Brother spoilers for the week 9 Power of Veto Meeting results are in from the Live Feeds and we are sad. This week would have been such a great opportunity for Cody to prove he actually deserves to make it to the final five. Instead, he just played butt boy for Derrick and did what he was told regardless of his own doubts about the plan.

Big Brother 2014 cast - Cody & Derrick (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 cast – Cody & Derrick (CBS)

Before the Big Brother Power of Veto Meeting on Monday, Cody had briefly waffled on the plan to keep the nominations the same so The Detonators could vote out Donny. He actually had a smart thought that it would be a great week to make a big move and get out a power player. Specifically, he seriously considered using the Power of Veto and then putting Frankie up as the replacement nominee.

Cody, however, has no balls. So when Derrick sh*t all over that idea (because he has his own agenda to carry out), Cody gave up the idea and did what he was told. Rather than making a very wise move to get out a potential Big Brother 16 winner, Cody plodded along with the plan to evict someone who is about as much a threat right now as a potato.

At the Veto Meeting, Cody did not use the Power of Veto and left the nominations the same. As it stands right now, Donny will be the one kicked out the door to the Jury house on Thursday.

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