Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Week 10 Power of Veto Recap

We were excited by the Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds for what might happen this week at the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony. Talk was flying around of a possible big backdoor plan and one of The Detonators maybe getting a hefty shove out the door. Of course, first we had to find out who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother this week and if they would be willing to play along.

Big Brother 2014 cast - Frankie & Christine (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 cast – Frankie & Christine (CBS)

New Head of Household Caleb seemed willing to possibly take a risk and target one of the power players in the Big Brother 2014 house this week. Once again the backdoor discussion seemed to be all about the idea of getting Christine or Frankie out. To be quite honest, we’d be thrilled to see Frankie’s freak-out face if he found himself suddenly sitting on the block at the live eviction knowing he’s about to get the boot.

On Big Brother Wednesday night, we’ll find out how the Power of Veto Competition went down and if Frankie or Christine is still a possible target when the Veto Meeting rolls around. While we think it would be a very wise move for someone to realize Frankie needs to get his a** kicked out of the house very soon, we are still amazed at how no one seems to be targeting Derrick.

Right now, Derrick is still basically controlling the house from every direction and he’s doing it while making everyone love him for it. Although the CBS Big Brother promo video for the Power of Veto show this week talked about Caleb being the one in charge, it’s still really Derrick who is pulling all the strings.

Join us for our live Big Brother recap of the week 10 Power of Veto show starting right here below right now!

The Nomination Ceremony is over and Caleb says Nicole is the target and all Christine has to do is sit there and look pretty and Nicole will be off to the Jury house.

Derrick says in Diary Room that he has a different plan. He wants Christine out because he thinks she would put him up as HoH. He has to wait, however, and see what happens with the Power of Veto.

Christine talks to the cameras that she is so tired of The Detonators and taking so much crap. She says she is playing for herself.

Nicole goes to Derrick for comfort because she says this week is going to be hard. He rubs her back while she cries over going up on the block again. Nicole says she is afraid she will be terrorized all week. Derrick says in Diary Room that he wants Nicole to know she has an ally in the house. He tells her she needs to win the Power of Veto.

Cody and Caleb talk about if Nicole wins, Victoria will go up and Victoria will go home. They talk to Derrick about what they should do. Derrick says if Christine went home this week because Nicole saved herself, he would not be upset. Derrick says Christine is more dangerous than Nicole. Cody says in Diary Room that he loves Christine but it might be time for her to go home.

Nicole and Victoria whisper about the others. Nicole says she can’t believe how close Christine and Cody are and it’s freaky. Victoria says she really doesn’t like her. Nicole says the worst thing she did was start working with her. She says the idiot Houseguests should see that Christine is more dangerous than her because she has people and Nicole doesn’t. She tries to get Victoria to say she would use the Veto on her if Victoria won it. But Victoria won’t commit to that.

Caleb and Derrick talk about final four and how hard it will be to pick who goes home. Derrick says he would pick Caleb over Frankie. Caleb says he thinks Cody would pick him over Cody too. In Diary Room, Derrick talks about how he is going to steal Caleb from Frankie.

Derrick says he is going to puff up his ego (which he does). He is going to convince Caleb that he himself is a terrible player (which he tries to do and sounds good). And he is going make sure Caleb thinks the other guys could beat Caleb, but not him. He tells Caleb that no one is going to take Frankie or Cody over him because they will know they can win against Derrick. Caleb says he would take Derrick to the final two.

Christine b*tches to the cameras again about how she doesn’t want to be around any of The Detonators. But she has to “put on my happy face” and say that she’s all good with everything. They tell her that if any of them win the Veto, they will take her down and put up Victoria, and Nicole will go home. Derrick says in Diary Room that they are telling Christine what she wants to hear, but he wants her to go home.

Time to pick the Veto Competition players. Head of Household Caleb will play with Nominees Nicole and Christine. Caleb draws Houseguest choice and he picks Cody as the first random player. Nicole pulls Derrick. He doesn’t want to win, he wants Nicole to win so the house is forced to evict Christine. Speaking of Christine, she pulls Victoria’s name. Nicole says in Diary Room that Victoria could be her last hope if she wins Veto.

Frankie is pissed he wasn’t pulled for Veto. He says he has only been picked once and he was waiting for another Donny chip to be picked, it is so unbelievable.

Caleb, Cody, and Derrick talk some smack about Frankie. Caleb says he would pick Frankie over the two of them any day. Cody says he totally believes Caleb and he is not interested in protecting Frankie. Derrick wants to turn the conversation to trying to get Christine out because she is the real threat. He says that if Nicole stays, she would totally go after Frankie, certainly not Caleb. If Christine stays, she would not go after him, she might go after Caleb. Cody says he is crazy about Christine, but if Nicole comes down, she might need to go home.

For the Veto Competition, we have a ‘bomb squad’ themed challenge. The Houseguests have to diffuse fake bombs to keep them from exploding in their face. They have to pay very close attention to instructions on how to diffuse their bombs. If they screw up, their bomb will go boom. The first player who blows up their bomb will have to become a dinosaur for a week.

Cody blows up his bomb on the first round and now he’s going to be a dinosaur for the next week. In Diary Room, Caleb dives behind the couch to demonstrate how to avoid getting your bomb blown up in your face. In round two, everyone gets it right.

Round three, Caleb gets the boom — and he didn’t dodge fast enough. Round four, it’s Victoria who gets covered in paint, moaning and groaning about it.

No one blows up in round five. In round six, Derrick and Nicole both get the boom and Christine has won the Power of Veto. So there goes any plan about getting her out this week. Christine is thrilled. Frankie sucks up to Christine right away, which Caleb notices very much. He tells Caleb over and over that he is color blind and Cody that he can’t wait to see him in the dino costume.

Nicole can only hope that someone will go up as a replacement nominee who will be a bigger threat than her. Derrick is already contemplating who he is going to make sure is the target for eviction this week. Nicole is pretty sure the person who is going to go up is Victoria, her only ally in the house.

Caleb is upset about Frankie whispering to Christine and talks about it with Derrick and Cody. Derrick says Caleb is HoH and he has all the power. Caleb says he is going to ask what Frankie said. He threatens that he could put Frankie up and he could go home. He says he is not going to deal with Frankie whispering with Christine like that anymore.

Cody confronts Christine about what Frankie said. Christine says Frankie was just saying that he would have won the competition if he’d been in it. Cody is pissed that Frankie was talking smack like that right after the competition. Christine and Cody are both pissed.

Time for Cody to get his dinosaur outfit! He says if anyone is going to rock this dino outfit, it is going to be him. Frankie just keeps saying how cute Cody is.

Cody tells Caleb what Christine said Frankie told her and that it was pretty much him crapping on them. Cody says in Diary Room that he wants Caleb to know Frankie is not his buddy. Cody tells Caleb that he has to stay close to Frankie but that Frankie wants to take Christine to the end because he thinks he can beat her. Caleb says in Diary Room that he wanted to take the guys to the final four but maybe they need to get Frankie out before then.

Caleb tells Derrick and Christine that he is scared for Frankie to win HoH and that he might put up Caleb and Cody. He is worried that Frankie would be the one to make the huge move right at the end and win. Christine says he would rather sit next to anyone else at the end than Frankie. Caleb says it would suck for Frankie to win and put them up. Derrick says in Diary Room that it’s a lot to think about and it could effect his game drastically.

Cody and Derrick talk and Cody says it is about who they think they can beat in the HoH. They agree it would be more likely to be Nicole. Cody says if Frankie wins HoH, it wouldn’t be Christine in trouble, it would be them. They agree they would like to see Frankie go up.

Nicole tells Derrick she lost her fire when she left the game and she can’t wait to see her family. She says in Diary Room that it is stupid that everyone is working as a group and not thinking about themselves. She says the only person who she respects is Derrick. She tells him that he’s playing the best game in the house and that he’s the closest thing to Dan Gheesling she’s seen. Derrick says that is a huge compliment and they should keep that between them. Derrick says in Diary Room that he hopes Nicole will keep her mouth shut and doesn’t start people thinking about his game.

After talking to Nicole, Derrick is thinking he needs to make sure she goes home and that Caleb doesn’t send Frankie home instead. Derrick talks to Caleb and Cody about what if Nicole stays and teams up with Christine and Victoria. Cody says Frankie has smoked Nicole in every competition they’ve been in together. Derrick says he’s with them whatever they do but now he’s trying to manipulate them into getting Nicole out. Derrick is the master and everyone is basically just doing what he convinces them to do.

Time for the Veto Ceremony and Christine uses the Power of Veto to take herself off the block. Caleb says in Diary Room that his gut will tell him what to go when it comes to putting up the replacement nomination.  After Christine announces she is using the PoV, Caleb says he wants the person he is putting up to know they are safe. He says Nicole is the target this week and then tells “beautiful” Victoria to take a seat.

Caleb says he felt like he was reading more good than bad in Frankie and that he thinks Frankie will keep him safe. Victoria says Caleb is a wimp and his speech was pathetic. Nicole says he is surprised and sad that Caleb didn’t make a big move. Derrick says you don’t make it eleven weeks in the house without having strategy. Donny started to catch on and he went home. Now Nicole was getting too smart about what he was doing, so now she has to go.

Join us here tomorrow night for the next Double Eviction episode!


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