Big Brother All-Stars Week Nine Alliance Updates: The Committee Is Over

The house majority alliance, the Committee, has dominated inside the Big Brother All-star’s house since it’s inception way back in the beginning of the season. Typically, large alliances have a tough time remaining completely intact going down the home stretch. The Committee has held together further throughout the game than most alliances, and it was only the first time-ever triple eviction event that finally took one of the members of this commanding group.

Big Brother All-Stars Alliances

Dani Donato was the first casualty of the Committee, and she was evicted in the last of three evictions last week. Now, there are only six houseguests left in the game. Enzo Palumbo is the only non-Committee member, but he has been an “associate” of the Committee from the start. Not to mention, he has numerous side deals with Committee members. With the first evictee of the Committee, how will the alliance split-up and reorganize heading into the end game?

Much credit, whether you like them or not, to the Committee for totally plowing over nine Big Brother legends before losing one of their own with Dani’s eviction. With Tyler Crispen winning the last HOH and POV competitions of the triple eviction event, there was not much of a surprise with Dani as the target.

The surprise came to Dani when Cody Calafiore voted to evict Dani over Nicole Franzel. There was not much of a surprise to viewers, but Dani was certainly devastated by the vote. Cody, she thought, was her ride-or-die all season long. Dani was unaware of the alliance Cody had with Nicole also had a final two alliance that had been in place since the beginning of the game.

One important accomplishment to note about these remaining houseguests is that they are arguably the strongest final six in Big Brother history. Each and every one of the last six houseguests still in the game has previously made it to the final three or better. You have two final 3 players, three final 2 players, and one winner. Now, say what you like about this season and the remaining houseguests, but that is one impressive group of finalists.

*****************************************SPOILERS AHEAD….PROCEED WITH CAUTION**********************************

With Cody winning another HOH competition this week and pairing that with the POV win, he is in an excellent position to continue calling the shots in the house. That was Cody’s third HOH win this season and his sixth overall competition win so far. This could be Cody’s game to lose right now.

If Cody plays his cards right, he will target Tyler this week to get him out of the way. Tyler is a strong player and could give Cody some competition with the jury. Christmas Abbott isn’t nearly the threat that Tyler could be to Cody’s game.

Cody has a final two alliance with Nicole, Enzo, and Memphis Garrett. Those are all the remaining players in the game with the exception of his current block nominees. He will be OK for the immediate future, but he will have to make some big decisions here shortly and play his hand to everyone. That is when the game should become quite interesting.

Well, here we are at the end of the season. This may have been a pretty lackluster season so far, but the remainder of the game should be quite interesting considering the strength of the remaining players. The committee made it as far as it could in the game, and now the side deals have become prevalent. Buckle up and enjoy the ride to the end.

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